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Real Men Knit

Image Nundle

This woman recruited this man

and his mother

and his father

in the comfort of the Nundle Pub

with the baby obligingly asleep

to help complete Wonder Weave - a tea cosy

Click on to embiggen

Casey and Aileen came on the first day professing ignorance in knitting matters. They were sure they would only stay for one session, being as how hopeless they were at the clickity clack and how they had a baby to run away to. But for all their protestations, they did indeed have all the necessaries - a knit stitch, a purl stitch and big big smiles. Having discovered at lunch time that the men were more than capable of taking care of 8 month old Tash on their own, they were back with bells on for the afternoon session.

Not to be impaired by time or place, we found them all in the pub that night, knitting, weaving and making pompoms, right there over a beer.

Casey's Wonder Weave will be a true family heir loom.

Woo Hoo! We came. We knit. We went.

Knitting wild tea cosies at Nundle - a workshop.

What on earth was I worried about? Of course it was going to be great.

YOU made it great. My face hurt from all the talking and smiling.

Here are some of you, beaming with knitting joy.
From left to right...

1.Casey 2.Marilyn and Heather 3.Kylie 4.Kerrie 5. Moi 6.Marilyn 7.Kaye 8.Cheryl and Helen 9.Aileen and Casey

Click on to embiggen.

Thank you thank you thank you Nick and Kylie who's place is the Nundle Woollen Mill for your very warm welcome.

What perfect hosts you both were, making everything so easy and comfortable through the day, rewarding us with drinky poos at 4 ish each day and dinner in the pub every night.

We can even boast a little country fame with a spot on the Armidale Prime News. Have a look.

Yes we are planning to do it again. Well why wouldn't you!

Like an Old Actor

I love people and I love knitting and there isn't any doubt about loving knitting people.

I have talked to large groups of people before, like a recent Saturday at the Friends of Buderim afternoon tea fundraiser. There were 130 of you easily. (see photo below)

I have taught before. Heaps. Not heaps of knitting. Some knitting. But I have taught heaps of other stuff before. Important stuff like how to play the violin and how to be very efficient at work.

So why am I feeling like a Nervous Nelly about Nundle?

Not that teaching knitting isn't important. It is probably more important than anything else. And anyway will I really be TEACHING knitting. I'll be telling stories and sharing the tips I know and discovering the tips you know and well... knitting with you.

There isn't anything at all scary about that. It will be great fun. There! I'm looking forward to it now.

I must remember to pack my woolly vests, and my scarves, and my leg ins, and my beanies, and my j…

York St, Sydney. Thanks Alan.

Alan got in the lift with me at the 3rd floor where Murdoch have their offices.

He had a fluorescent yellow vest on and was in charge of a trolley with a great load of parcels.

He seemed like just the sort of fellow who would know the way to York Street so I said "You look like just the sort of fellow who would know the way to York Street. Can you point me in the right direction?"

"York Street is a long way. You can't walk to York Street." he said. "I'll take you there" he said.

"You can't do that" I said. "It's not out of your way is it?" I said.

"No. I'm going that way. Where are you going to in York St?"

"The wool shop" I said.

"I know the wool shop" he said.

Well if I had any doubt at all about getting in a van with a strange man in the great metropolis that is Sydney, I didn't now. Any man that knew where the wool shop was had to be OK.

And he was much more than OK. He was lovely…


I've been in Sydney. Meeting with my publisher. Damn I love saying that. I love how they (those taking good care of me at Murdoch Books) are up for a wacky idea. Any idea. Or maybe they were just being polite. Hmmm.

So anyway I'm showing you stuff you've seen before because I can't show you anything I'm knitting now because that would be letting the cat out of the bag meow.

It's my well loved and oft used 70's rug. Knitted on the diagonal, each square held firmly together with the next with crocheted cotton.

Well off I go to knit a book.

Don't forget Nundle in a week.

9 Wits Knitting Noosa

No they are NOT mine. I wish they were though.

I always wish other people's beautiful clever work was mine. It is the ultimate compliment to covert others' work.

Yes it is!

Hari made them. And you need to pop on over 9 Wits Knitting Noosa to see more from the Noosa Knit Wits.

That US. Me and my girlfriends. We are the Noosa Knit Wits.

If you knit or indeed needle craft in any form, you need a Knit Wits.

Or a Craft Dafts!
Sin Pins?
Needle Wheedles?
Sew Bows....

We met this morning as we do the second Sunday of each month. Taking turns at each others houses. I DO love our Knit Wits. Dearly. Thanks gals. Gees I must be hormonal, all this Gush Mush.

Great Feet

You know that question those that are trying to make one feel good about oneself ask?

The one that comes after complaining that one has no waist or that one's bosoms are too big?

The one one usually has to think hard about because one never has a nice thing to say about oneself?

That one.

Well I've never had to think about the answer to that question because I've always LOVED my feet. I have great feet. They are long and slender and well in proportion with the rest of me. And they show off red lace socks a real treat.

My bosoms aren't THAT big but it IS a bit tricky finding my waist. Perhaps I left it under that lemon meringue pie.

Click on photo to embiggen. One is very proud of one's effort.

What WAS I thinking?!

Not ALL ideas are good ideas.

Like this one. What on EARTH was I thinking?

What ARE they? Graffiti? They look sort of .... rude, phallic almost. No?

Very pleased though with something I can't show you.

Yesterday a brand new tea cosy design. Yep. In three days. Light bulb. Knit. Pattern. How to bits. Everything. Done.

Today went shopping for the cold weather in Nundle in May, Mittagong in July and Bowral and Exeter in October.

Where's my $900 Kev?! The Bloke has his. The moment I get it, I can stop spending it over and over.

Dreaming of more Light Bulbs tomorrow.

Nundle OUTBACK Knit-In - avec MOI

Come play with me in late MAY.

Nick of Nundle Woollen Mill has asked me to come and play with him - and YOU - at the end of May for a few days. So I am.

Where is the Nundle Woollen Mill? In Nundle of course! Where's Nundle? It is 60km South East of Tamworth (of country music festival fame), off the New England Highway. That's Australia for International readers - but don't let that stop you.

What is Nundle Woollen Mill? It is a 100 year old working mill producing my most favourite tea cosy knitting 8 ply wool in these gloriously joyful colours. Sorry if I sound like an ad. It is easy to rabbit on about stuff one gen-ewe-inely loves.

Moi, Me, I will be leading the charge twice a day telling tall stories like

There is No Such Thing as a New Idea and How to get a publisher in three easy phone calls and What Not to Wear for Tea Pots.
Stuff like that. And we might even do a bit of knitting and sharing of knitting tips with the company of the New England Knitters Guild.

But w…

Yipeeee! Time to KNIT a BOOK!

I have just finished a month long contract, doing my JOB job, which I am blessed to love, especially when the client is so engaged in the task.

Thanks guys. You are a fabulously memorable bunch.

Now to knitting a book.

Two months till deadline. There is wool all over the house.

First job to SORT it. There's one day gone right there.

Feeling extremely gleeful and lucky right now as if I'm on some great big long knitting holiday.

Tea Hea Hea