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Well it's a Wrap

Well it's a wrap!

They've all gone home and I'm exHAUSTed! (said with back of hand to forehead)

It really did take 4 people 3 days to photograph 21 tea cosies and 50 little bits and pieces.

What an incredible team. Luv ya work Jared and Sam. Luv ya style Katrina and Hugh. Thank you so so much. You made me cry - in a good way.

...but there's just one thing... Wes really did want to be in the book.

See! Cats like knitting too.

I feel a bit like a cat meself at the moment. I just want to sleep all day.

Perhaps I could sleep until March next year 'cos that's how long we all have to wait to have a new little book in our hot little hands.

But I might just finish my scarf first.

Oh what a beautiful morning'... Oh what a ...

Oh, what a beautiful mornin',
Oh, what a beautiful day.
I got a beautiful feelin'
Ev'rything's goin' my way.

This afternoon The Photographer, The Stylist, The Editorial Manager and the Senior Designer are all coming to The Land of the Tea Cosy for 3 days to meet the Queen of the Tea Cosies and to photograph 20 new tea cosy creations.

All the sounds of the earth are like music,
All the sounds of the earth are like music,
The breeze is so busy it don't miss a tree,
And a ol' weepin' willer is laughin' at me!


When The Socks arrived in the post from memsicle one was tempted to think that one could just wander off into the sunset, away from The Book, and knit socks herself, so excited was one to received such a gift and such inspiration.

One was SO tempted that she knitted sock all the way to the heal before beating herself around the head and returning to the task with a DEADLINE. Yes yes. The manuscript deadline is past and met, but the photo shoot is looming and there is still much tea cosy knitting and fussing to attend to.

And anyway, one keeps waking in the middle of the night in a cold sweat over the accuracy of patterns and such like. While there is still a chance to improve on things...

One is not sure if a thank you is in order for tempting one so. Mem?

Even More Mittagong Close Ups

It was just a bit of horse whispering that's all.


That's French for INCREDIBLE!

Yes it is!

1. Susan's "Gone Cactus"

2. Francesca's "Snake Alive"

3. Lindy's "Alien Four"

4. Judith's "Tres Chic"

(some) Close Ups of Mittagong

Those smiling faces have had there turn.

Now it's time for the tea cosies to shine.

Some today.

Some tomorrow.

And if you haven't already been there, go there now...

Ms Bubblefish and Ms grrl+dog

1. Steph's "Self Portrait"

2. Gill's "Leap into the Abyss"
(Gill? Sounds good to me.)

3. Dorothy's "Garden Basket"

4. Denise's "Vagina Dentata"
(That's vagina with teeth for those who need help. Well I did!)

Mittagong Magic

Look what you did!

You created the most monumentally magnificent and marvelous cosies in the world.

You were fun and funny and fabulous.

The most excellent of excelling students.

My first (gees I hope they invite me back) Sturt Winter School was .... t'was ... t'was magic!

Thank you.

To all nine of you Knitting Nuts.

1. Susan and Francesca
2. Steph and Denise
3. Lindy and Dorothy
4. Gill and Judith
...and May too

The Nine Knitting Nuts designed and created their own tea cosies from a germ of an idea, a drawing and many hours in construction with the aid of the odd cup of tea and a well deserved glass of wine.

Oh and with a bit of prodding and a mountain of hilarity.

Hop over to HERE to for more photos.

Have I got everything

Off to Mittagong.

Have I got everything?

Small 3 cup teapot
8 ply wool
1 x 4mm circular needles 60cm length
1 old woollen jumper
100g of poly fill
sketch book
coloured pencisl
old plastic knitting needles
darning needle
1 x 4mm crochet hook
feathers, buttons beads
lead sinkers or glass marbles

errr... tooth brush and very warm jam jams

Wish me luck!


It's done!
It's burned to CD!
It's posted!
REALLY Wild Tea Cosies - the manuscript will arrive on the publisher's desk today.


As a reward I revamped the Wild For Tea Cosies blog.

There are 20 Tea Cosy Aficionados (WFTC blog members)

You are welcome to join too.

Come have a look.

(oh yeah! I revamped my own blog too. Didja notice? Didja?

Hildegaard oh Hildegaard

This came on Wednesday.

...with this...

"May we present to you:


She was born on your birthday, made entirely by hand by someone who can't really sew. She won't lay eggs but she enjoys stamp collecting and golf. We hope you'll love her. Jacqui XX

.... and then there was this on Friday

Hildergaard, oh Hildergaard,
Have you settled in?
Are you getting on Roger? Or is he too Rampant for you?
Go on! Show us your wobbly stitches

Jacqui which

Roger is a bore! And that tea cosy woman? She promised to do the photo shoot today and what with the pedicure and a hair do and Briazilian., I was exHAUSTed. But nothing.... no blogging. Some rubbish about a book. I’m coming home.


Don’t be so vain – you be nice to her, she’s got important knitting business to do and deadlines to meet. Alright? Good. Now stop bugging her and I will too. Make her a cup of tea and be useful - if you can get some cake happening, that’ll probably help too. Or choco…