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Blow it up.  No.  Don't light a match to it.   Click on it.  MAKE IT BIGGER.

That's my beach. The one I go to when I want to challenge the charger, dance with death, feel alive - fiercely, ferociously alive.

I went today.

It's alright.  I swam between the flags.

There is something fabulous about stories where bunnies are beaten, kittens are smacked and squirrels are cuffed and scratched by other squirrels.

Something really fabulous.

This is what I got for Christmas.  A boxed limited edition of the complete tales of Beatrix Potter, with two beautiful prints of Peter Rabbit.

And a Nikkon Coolpix P6000, wot I took these fotos wif.  Neat.  Real neat.

Aw shucks.  Thanks Bloke.  Treasures to treasure forever.

Pontificating:  Over the last months, more than one of my Blog Friends have pontificated on the value of their continuing to blog.  It turns out that their normal sized lives had become BIG lives with much to take care of, worry about, attend to.  The place where they talk kn…

Happy Christmas All

Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to you
Happy Christmas to yoo-oo
Happy Christmas to you

(sung to Happy Birthday song - naturally)

Some poor unsuspecting child will be in receipt of this tomorrow and her parents will make all the right noises no doubt....

....but me thinks one aught to stick to tea cosies somehow.

Have a drink for me.

Jemima - The making of a Princess

Rose Rose Rose.   When a thing is finished, it is no longer a knitting project, it is a thing.  In this case a SHE.

Meet Princess Jemima

... and she does NOT go back into the brown paper bag.  Nothing less than a high backed chair will do for a Princess.  A high backed chair and a story.

Meet Princess Jemima who likes sipping G&Ts on the verandah in the afternoons while reading Anais Nin between luxurious naps in the shade.

I don't know!  Haven't I taught you anything at all?!

We are having a cotton Christmas, as we do Down Under.

Rose is responsible for Princess Jemima.  We won't divulge the number of weeks in the making (or months....or years).  Needless to say she is much loved now that she is here.

There was talk of her being a gift for a niece but somehow I think Rose might have trouble parting with her after all this time.  Or maybe not.

This second cotton top (in Jo Sharp kiwi green) suits Rose well don't you think.

Just as well she lives on the shores of th…

A very Carmen Christmas

Meet Jennifer.  She and her husband Gary have known The Bloke for longer than three dogs' lifetimes.

I have not met either of them in person as they live in another city, but have been emailing them recently over The Bloke's fabulous fish book.

It turns out that Jennifer has been knitting tea cosies and on learning of such renegade behaviour, I insisted on seeing what she'd done.

Prized Rooster and Carmen Miranda are off to sit under others' Christmas trees before adorning kitchen benches to be admired and adored by loved ones.

As all tea cosies should.

I love this photo. It holds in it the 'little girl' in all of us, pleased as punch to make something with love and joy and cleverness, for someone else.

STOP PRESS - Knitting Needles Allowed on Planes

Yay!    Knitting needles are allowed on Australian planes.  I'm shouting for joy.  Leaping for the return of sanity. Quick Mr Bloke.  Book a flight somewhere.  Anywhere.  Now.  I feel a knit coming on.

UPDATEA Christmas present!

The Horns of a Dilemma

It is the nature of information to be either useful or otherwise.  That's not to say that useless information cannot be interesting none the less.

Today, one learned from The Bloke of the phrase 'on the horns of a dilemma' to mean that one is faced with two equally unpleasant options and has to choose one.

In this instance one's dilemma is not unpleasant.  It is simply whether to name this new creation "Horns of a Dilemma", as proposed by The Bloke.

Or to call it "Hornucopia" also proposed by The Bloke.  He is too clever by halves.

A  CORNucopia is a symbol of food and abundance dating back to the 5th century BC.  (What did we do before Wikipedia)

Hmmm.  As The Bloke seems to be full of it, one is inclined to go with the latter of the two.

Nup. NITB (Not In The Book)

Spreading like Fungus

'Tree fungus' (not to be confused with tremendous)

Or, Wood fungus, as in 'Would fungus be this beautiful?'

Or, Cloud Ear Fungus (the Chinese variety of wood fungus for cooking 
in soups)

Made with Noro Silk Garden Lite and Zara Merino extra fine...

...and joy.

No.... not in the book.

But an incarnation of and an improvement on "Super Cosy" (I think)

Covering Up

So anyway... it is.


Gees I hope yous are gunna loik it.

My goodness! I do hope that you will like it.

Or maybe it'll be like Bob Dylan going electric!