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You Made it Here - Yay!

If you have arrived here then...

and more to the point....

for persevering through the journey here.

I thought I wanted a website as well as a blog.  Want want want.  But maybe simple is best after all, or maybe I'm resisting a very steep learning curve.

Lost Connections

Sadly you may have lost your blog link to my blog in the process and will need to re-follow.

You will need to RE FOLLOW with a link to

And even more sadly I have lost the blogs I follow and will have to find you all again.

The Jester
Introducing The Jester, published in REALLY Wild Tea Cosies.  Knitted with Noro and Nundle wool

In the Beginning

We are launched!

See!  Tea cosies ARE funny!

Show and Tell. Be sure to bring yours to an event.
Fiona of Avid - Thank you Wonder Woman for sending me off (on tour) with such fanfare
Steve of My Missing Life - Thank you lovely funny friend for being you, for introducing me and for launching
Really Wild Tea Cosies
Many more photos to come. 
a demain (that's French for 'tomorrow')


Those lucky Obamas.

They share a magazine with royalty, the Queen of the Tea Cosies.

Out today - April issue of the Australian Women's Weekly with an extract from the book and instructions on how to use 2 circular needles.

It's OUT.  It's HERE.  It's IN STORES!

Gees I was starting to think it was all a lie, some nasty deception to hasten the onset of insanity.

Or perhaps I'm dreaming after all.

A Window Display!

Coming to a bookstore near you.

click on to embiggen

Poor Me

The Bloke is in Broome on fishy business.

So I have to take my own photos.

Cook my own meals.

Make up my own dumb puns.

And tickle myself to sleep.

Zees ees 'ow you will recognise me when you come to play tea cosies at bookstores.

Do yous loike the knitted collar?

Zees eez 'ow eet ees done.

Start with blanket stitch around the neck line.  Then with circular needles pick up one knit stitch through each blanket stitch.  Then just stocking stitch for a while and cast off.

Me think all my t shirts might end up with this accessory.

The Nonsense Begins

It is a TOUR T SHIRT! 
Yes it is!!!
Click on to embiggen

Well why not!

Friday 26 March - 6 pm Launch

Avid Reader
West End, Brisbane

07 3846 3422
Tuesday 30 March - 3.30 pm Afternoon Tea at a Blue Angel Restaurant
Gympie Tce, Noosaville, Sunshine Coast

Annies Books on Peregian
Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast
07 5448 2053

Thank you thank you thank you Jacqueline from Brisbane Stitch 'n Bitch group who played with me so very very nicely on Saturday.

Jacq tells me she was a virgin yarn bomber until Saturday.  AND thank goodness for your preparedness, plastic ties, scissors, good humour....  and company for lunch.

You are a real brick.

Keep an eye out in...
Boundary Street
West End

Short Black with Two

And now into the light...
Short Black with Two
Featured on the back cover of RWTC.

I have another GO HERE for you. A must see.  Be sure to look around the whole site.

And here I was worrying about a knitted flapper hat.

Not any more.

This Saturday - Boundary St, West End

Tea Hea Hea

Do ya loike me cubed pom poms?  Do ya?

So anyway this Saturday at about 10.30 am I will be at Avid Reader to install a window display (no, no book until the 26th) and to graffiti up Boundary Street.

I'm coming with my girlfriend of 30 years, Olix (Alex to you) and you are welcome to join us.

We'll be the ones in the Tour T Shirts (YES - Tour T Shirts) and with the bags of knitty things.....

.... doing this.

Avid Reader
Boundary Street
West End
The World
The Universe

10.30 ish


If you haven't already...


Just lovely.

Jumping off

It turns out that one has been doing one's bit for changing the English language.

Come on now.  Own up.  How many of you use VERTIGO to describe the fear of heights.

One has joked most of one's (tall) adult life that one suffers vertigo just standing up.

One has still so much to learn.

ACROPHOBIA is an extreme or irrational fear of heights.

VERTIGO is more accurately - a spinning sensation that occurs when one is not actually spinning.  (Thank you Wikipedia)  ....which can of course happen when one is teetering on the edge of a precipice - or standing up.

But a question.

Is the fear of heights about imagining that one might FALL?

Or that one might JUMP?

One feels very powerful when walking away from those opportunities, and full of life.

Coral Punk
Organic, Feral, Freeform (call it what you like) Tea Cosy.

Pattern published in REALLY Wild Tea Cosies

Powerhouse Museum

Only the best.


objets d'art
haute couture
knitted sculptures

funny tea cosies grace the halls of the Powerhouse Museum.

Glass polished.

Hands gloved.

Tea cosies registered.






Thank you Gosia (the Conservator) and Jessica (the Registrar) for your care and expertise. 

And then there is this.

Mark Crocker photographed book 1 and has continued to play with me in our Portraits of a Tea Cosy project.

His joyous photographs are displayed alongside the girls.

Thanks Owen the AV Guy.  We are looking up at him in awe.

And then there was Julia.

Every now and then you meet someone in your daily machinations who wows you with their ability to take care of everything with such efficiency and ease and good will.

Julia - you made me feel very special.  Thank you.

And thank you Lily, who thought it was an idea worth its wool.  Without you, there would be no installation.

It's worth a look/see.... I reckon.

Shedding a little light on the gender thing


Are all tea cosies female?




How do I know what's what?


Well look at him for goodness sake.  He is exuding testosterone.


The Jester King

No not King of the Tea Cosies.

King of the Jesters.

Jesters can by royal too.

Royal nutters.

The view from our unit in Port Stephens - other units.

But look the other way and I can see the sea.