Sentimental Clap Trap

Dearest Ali
Thank you for being the most lovely loyal and bestest friend in the whole world to my son.  We are the luckiest mother and son to have you in our lives.

Dearest Zauberball, Schoppel Wolle

Thank you for being so pretty and so silky soft as to want to knit you up for Ali, every stitch with the love of knitting something beautiful for someone beautiful.
Dearest Dawn. 

Thank you for your beautiful gift of this Royal Dalton coffee set, (that once belonged to your own mother, long gone to the great cafe in the sky) that has too long been hiding in boxes in your garage but now revealed to you through spring cleaning and packing up for the big move from across the road, down the road 10 kilometers, which made you think of me and made you wonder if I would like to own such a beautiful thing. 

Dearest Readers

Please forgive me.  All that pink and lace and pretty china has had a violent effect on me.  Sentimentality has won the day.

Yours sincerley
Normally Rough Around the Edges
Your Queen of the Tea Cosies

P.S.  do you think I have enough wool left to complete the toe of these very manly socks, cause that is all that is left, right there in that tiny little ball.

P.P.S  I'm not quite game to find out for myself.  They have been sitting around like that for a couple of weeks now.


Notjustnat said…
Lovely pink lace...!
Not clap trap at all GPB - people are all that matter, and you've got some fabulous ones in your life, for sure.

Those socks are beautiful, by the way. They remind me of icing. (In a good way.)

Ginga Squid said…
You could just do both toes in black?
Loving the lace & tea set - can just see you quaffing a brew in a very ladylike fashion!
Shell Sherree said…
That's a beautiful gift from your dear Dawn. It deserves those beautiful knitty things.
Ms. Kimba said…
uhm....i dunno, i dont think thats enough to finish those toes...but then again look can be deceiving! are you decreasing yet?
Kate said…
My recommendation:
1. place right hand to forehead.
2. assess overall temperature and hence wellness via right hand.
3. decide you are, in fact, well.
4.declare loudly "I'm a Lady" in a posh English accent.
5.continue knitting knowing all is good with the world as long as there is handcrafting occurring despite the proliferation of pretty pink lacy numbers in ones life at the present moment.
(thetwo said items are in fact VERY, very pretty and sentiment has its merits!)
cheers and all, K
bowerbirdz said…
Pink and green lacy socks and a Royal Doulton coffee set adorned in orchids - perfect!
NessaKnits said…
I forsee someone ripping back a right sock to finish a left one. No names.

That coffee set is just darling. You just made me reconsider the rather ugly one I got from my husband's grandfather and have thought about chucking out (NOT as pretty as yours ...)

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