All I Want For Christmas

All I want for Christmas
Is my tea cos-y
My tea cos-y
See my tea cos-y

Gawn.  Whatcha gunna get someone who has everything this year?  And even if they have EVERYthing, they ain't gunna haveew anything LIKE the tea cosy YOU will make for them.

There is a November workshop avec moi, for those living in or near Brisbane.

The Threads and More workshop on the 12 and 13 November is already filled but you might like to book in the event of a cancellation.

And NO we will not make the cosy here in the photo but we will make something Spec-TAC-ular at the same time as learning heaps new shit about knitting.

Email me for workshop outlines and yarn store contact details or you can go direct to the store.


Notjustnat said…
Great Christmas pressies. I'm giving one away for my Christmas giveaway. Come over and enter haha!
Robyn said…
I wish!

the ones pictured here are awesome
Helmi said…
This looks great.
grt, Helmi
Jejune said…
Good point. I think I'll make a chooky tea cosy for my mum for Chrissie :)
Stafford Ray said…
"heaps new shit"... Um.. has this got anything to do witn heaps new knitted blanket? Seriously though, er, can't think of anything serious. XX
Nicole said…
Beautiful. My only thought is that while I love to knit, this time of the year gets too warm & um... sweaty so I normally put the needles away and sew/quilt/do lots of reading etc. How on earth you ladies survive knitting in your high temperatures is the question. (I live in NZ and my summer high anything from 29 to 31). Brave women. Brilliant colour.

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