Feeling Clever

One is not able to surgeon a brain.
One is not able to engineer a bridge.
One is not able to even understand the mysteries of electricity for Gawd's sake!

But one can knit diamond argyle fair isle.

And one is feeling EXTREMELY clever and pleased with oneself.
Yes one is!



NessaKnits said…
One is extremely clever indeedy.
Helen said…
I'm getting ready to travel ~ thru October ... glad I got to witness this genius! I love how clever you are.
I do love a good argyle. Particularly on Bryan Ferry's ankle circa 1976.
Sue said…
Lovely! That yarn looks like the deliciously soft Sublime Cashmere Merino too!
Kate said…
Absolute genius! ...whats next Aran tea-cosies?
That looks fab! Love the colour choice too!
Notjustnat said…
It looks good to me, but I don't know how clever you have to be cos I can't read the pattern all that well - I think you are very clever - Hugs Nat
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
One certainly is extremely clever.

To knit argyle and maintain a consistent stitch tension whilst changing colours and carrying yarn across the back IS very clever. To do it in the round on two circular needles whilst dealing with the entanglement of yarn and needles is EXTREMELY clever.
Strickbombe said…
oooh! fancy! you are undoubtedly doing wonders for sales of diamond argyle patterns all over the world as we type. i now have to type in the word 'spuse' in order to get my comment published. that is far less fancy.
mem said…
Circular argyle knitting is WAAAY harder than brain surgery or electrickery.
yes, one would feel clever too
Luvvie said…
You are always setting new benchmarks possum - it's hard to keep up!!! Well done you :)
Stafford Ray said…
Can't top this: 'Circular argyle knitting is WAAAY harder than brain surgery or electrickery' from mem. Looking forward to your first brain op!
Anne said…
grrl + dog said…


I love the pattern.

two jumpers, or some very fun cosies?
Don said…
Pretty bloody clever!

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