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FIVE Days - Geelong and Mittagong

The ballot for Geelong Textile Forum 2011 has just opened. 

Workshop Mon 26 Sept - Sat 1 Oct.
Registration on Sunday 25 Sept.

You need to submit your enrollment form (go to the Forum website) ASAP as there is a ballot held for all places will be held on 12 December 2010.

One shall be giving a workshop:
Wild Knitting - The Tea Cosy.  Naturellement!

"Five days!" you exclaim?  Yes five days - with an extra half day for exhibition.

Wild Knitting is just one of 15 fabulous classes you can do. It will be a festival, a corroboree, a moon dance of textile tragics.
And then there is Sturt Winter School in Mittagong. 

Workshop Mon 4 July - Fri 8 July.
Registration Sunday 3 July.

This will be One's third Sturt Winter School.  One does love Mittagong in the winter.

Sturt is not limited to textiles.  There is book making and water colour and basket weaving and pottery and jewelery and wood carving and... 

Both these events are large annual events - very popular with classes often bo…

Shelter Knit Test - TICK TICK TICK

Nup.   It doesn't matter which way you look at it.   It is bloody beautiful! Of course if you are Australian you will already understand that "BLOODY beautiful" is infinitely more beautiful than just plain old "beautiful". It is not soft but it is not coarse either.   It is earthy, sturdy, solid, trustworthy.
The finished knitted fabric sits up like proper wool, all perky and punchy.
And the colours are to die for.   I love the twinkle of burnt orange (Embers) in the green (Sap).  I can feel a vest coming on.   Pour moi and then a matching one for The Bloke and then one for The Son and one for The Son's Really Great Girlfriend and then one for the .... on and on until kingdom knit - all up in Shelter.

Wool and Feathers

One is not usually prone to posting pictures of unknitted wool. But One always says, yes One does, One always says "Never say Never" The wool, photographed and posted below,  arrived in the post all the way from  A-mare-i-ka, A-mar-i-ka (sung to the tune of "America" from West Side Story.)
100% American wool designed by Jared Flood
Prompt Delivery Test (all the way from America) - TICK Colour Test - (a bloody great big) TICK Touch Test - TICK Smell Test - TICK
Tonight the KNIT Test.
Mr Butcher Bird?
Well the post is called "Wool and Feathers"
and he WAS there watching during the wool photography
and oi loike him.

Some one is getting tea cosies for Christmas.

Threads and More in Brisbane yesterday and the day before -

A picture tells a thousand words.
14 pictures tells.....

Principessa Kerry

Principessa Jan

Principessa Shaaryn

Principessa Lynda
Principessa Lyn

Principessa Pushpa

Principessa Denise

Principessa Lorretta

Principessa Joan

Principessa Libby

Principessa Enid

A Cuddle of Cosies.

Thank you all for playing tea cosy so very nicely with me for two days. 

Oi had a very noice toime.
VERY noice.

Scratching Your Head.

Now some of you may be wondering
"I thought she said she was going to London to be the Queen."

You may be thinking
"I'm sure she said she was going to be at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in October, like proper royalty."
You may be scratching your heads because that's what you do when something doesn't quite add up.
"Did she go to the show or didn't she,(scratch scratch)because she sure didn't blog about it and it is exactly the kind of thing she would blog about being the big show off that she is."

Of course it is far more likely that you couldn't give a rat's arse what side of the globe One is on at any given moment, but an explanation is in order in case you do.  Give a rat's arse, that is.
Not that One is placing BLAME anywhere or indeed, pointing One's long bony finger at anyone...


The Provider of Loaves with Fishes
a.k.a The Bloke

... seemed to think that a holiday on the other side of t…