Scratching Your Head.

Now some of you may be wondering  
"I thought she said she was going to London to be the Queen."  

You may be thinking
"I'm sure she said she was going to be at the Knitting and Stitching Show at Alexandra Palace in October, like proper royalty."

You may be scratching your heads because that's what you do when something doesn't quite add up.
"Did she go to the show or didn't she, (scratch scratch) because she sure didn't blog about it and it is exactly the kind of thing she would blog about being the big show off that she is."

Of course it is far more likely that you couldn't give a rat's arse what side of the globe One is on at any given moment, but an explanation is in order in case you do.  Give a rat's arse, that is.
Not that One is placing BLAME anywhere or indeed, pointing One's long bony finger at anyone...


The Provider of Loaves with Fishes
a.k.a The Bloke

... seemed to think that a holiday on the other side of the world and a looming book deadline (his own) did not sit happily together in the same month.  Frankly One was incapable of restraining the inevitable
"I told you so".


But then what could One do?  He is after all One's much esteemed Patron of the Knitted Arts and yes, it is not always all about MOI.  Mostly but not always.
Perhaps One's mother ought to have given One the name of Patience for there is no lesson to be learned from the meaning of Loani

origin - Papuan
meaning - Beautiful Flower
meaning after a couple of red wines - Fertile Valley

Where were we?  Oh yes.  Patience. London. Knitting shows.


Dr Fish-head and The Queen of the Tea Cosies are off to London in March 2011 in time for the Spring Stitch and Craft Show at the Olympia in London instead.
One now has time to put together the most spectacular  
tea cosy exhibition for the show and has scored a spot for talking and telling woolly jokes and doing the knit knit can can and signing books and meeting lots of lovely tea cosy fetishist etc etc so One could not be more happy.

Gawn!  You are much happier too aren't you - now that you can stop scratching your head.


NessaKnits said…
Very happy indeed for One and the Fish-Loaf manpanion.
Robyn said…
much happier now that i have stopped scratching my head ;)

love love that cosie... soooo pretty.

great post
thanks for the morning smile, lovely queen
Notjustnat said…
Yeah right, very happy to know that you are still here and crazy! Love that cosie. Mine third will be on show very soon too so keep an eye wide open for it - Happy Melbourne Cup day from a fellow Melbournian with hugs....!
Jacqui said…
that last photo doesn't look like a tea cosy...not that I would be any good at guessing what something is mid-knit.

Maybe I'll SEE YOU THERE at the craft show...
Maree: said…
Love the New Cosy & Nice to hear All's Well..Finally bought your latest book at the Brissy show...just gotta find time to make
grrl + dog said…

well here's my rats arse to that.
Sounds like a much for fun game to me.
Hmm.. Wonder what that lad would be, since he is not the loaves man..

bringer home of the wildebeest?
lynne h said…
no no, my dear, you've been named perfectly... if there were any kind of name changing to occur, i think it would have to do with laughter, because you are surely the funniest queen i know...

The Duck Herder said…
well, that clears that up.

I believe my nanna may be able to add something to the mix:

Patience is a virtue
and Virtue is a Grace
And Grace was a little girl
Who wouldn't wash her face.

My Nanna. (as opposed to my giddy aunt)

Oh, and that tea cosy is just so beautiful I could cry. Those purdy flowers...... *sigh*
little hat said…
Still readinf Loani. Thanks for your comments on mine.
What about some blokes knitting stuff. Like penis warmers and knited underpants. Knitted ties? Knitted navy singlets?
Ms. Kimba said…
London in March? Really????????
me too!!!!! me too! Holy cow you have no idea how excited I am....when exactly are you there? I booked my ticket already for the 18th to the 28th :)

I'd love to meet you and see your lovely cosies in person
NessaKnits said…
GPB...what needles do you use in RWTC? Because I obviously don't have enough needles already and I have needle envy.
jwami said…
Gawd, congratulations. You are not only a Queen of Tea Cosies, also a Wife Par Excellence. And would you believe, the 'word verification' for this post (security dear, to make sure that you are not going to be spammed), is "fembo". Yes, fembo. Wow!
Lordy you make me larf, my esteemed Q of the T.C! I suppose we should wish mister fish loaf well, but really it IS all about TOI.... ;)
Stafford Ray said…
Wunnerful news all round, particularly that the lesser half is having a go, and I really had to take the link in the last post becaue I refused to believe it was not you hiding in the pink Wookie suit! Noted opening for access to strong drink!
Ms. Kimba said…
Thanks :)
I won't be arriving in London till the 19th and I don't care if I am jetlagged or not...I'll be there the 20th. Already bought my ticket for the Olympia

See you there!

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