Wool and Feathers

One is not usually prone to posting pictures of unknitted wool.
But One always says, yes One does, One always says
"Never say Never"
The wool, photographed and posted below,  arrived in the post all the way from 
A-mare-i-ka, A-mar-i-ka (sung to the tune of "America" from West Side Story.)

100% American wool
designed by

Prompt Delivery Test (all the way from America) - TICK
Colour Test - (a bloody great big) TICK
Touch Test - TICK
Smell Test - TICK

Tonight the KNIT Test.

Mr Butcher Bird?
Well the post is called "Wool and Feathers"
and he WAS there watching during the wool photography
and oi loike him.


Stafford Ray said…
Did one add the extras, like seed pods, snake skin, dead praying mantis (or were they bones of a chook)? Or was it a terrorist parcel wot died in the post? My money's on the letter...er latter!
Grand Purl Baa said…
It is called "Styling" Ford.

"dead praying mantis?"

It is a bat.
and it's not dead

It's not DEAD.
No no, it's stunned, tired and shagged out.
Sue said…
Oh my goodness you lucky girl! I have been wanting to test that wool too so will have to find an online shop to buy it from! Mr. Butcher Bird looks happy with your purchases too.
Gidgetknits said…
Oh that is one cute butcher bird! And love your 'styling'... batty as it is! (oh dear).
Luvvie said…
num num num - as teenagers would say - wool envy down here pet.
Carolina said…
It's good to have an audience while taking photos.
Stafford Ray said…
Naaaa. 'That is one ded bat' as Cleese would have sed! But, I must admit, luverly pitchers. XX
Oh Gosh - Shelter! And you bought the burnt orange.
Now I get to feel before buying (??!)
You've made my morning!
mem said…
I have a big fat case of wool-envy.
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Lurverly!!!! Can't wait for the knit test :-)
grrl + dog said…
He looks like a baby..

did he get any treats?
lynne h said…
oi loike mr. butcher bird, too... and that wool...
vanessa said…
I do love your sculptures, or as some people might call them, tea cosies! I think they're sculptures! They are extraordinary. And have a real sense of curiosity and experimentation about them, which I always appreciate.
Have a lovely weekend. Love Vanessa xxx
Grand Purl Baa said…
Hello Carolina
Hello Vanessa

I see that you are new to the mix.
Or just new to commenting.
Thank you very much for visiting

... and Vanessa thank you for your lovely compliments. Smiling wide.

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