Any Excuse for Presents

One does not respond to receiving gifts in the usually polite manner with a "Oh you shouldn't have really.  For me?"

No One does not.

One's response to receiving a present of any kind at any time for any reason is....

"Ooooo I LERVE getting presents.  Yes I do.  Thank you."

One is then inclined to hold it up to the light and shake it and say...

"Is it a diamond tiara?  A Mercedes Sports?" 

It is important to have signature responses.

Like One's friend who says completely po faced "Said the Fairy Queen" on burping or farting.

One is inclined to gather others' excellent ditties.  They are international in their richness.

Like One's Japanese sister-in-law's "Shit Wa".

Or One's Pommie friend's posh butter wouldn't melt in her mouth or even the odd plum or two "Oh Farrrk".  Long and full o.  Long and open mouthed ar.

One has some beauties of One's own of course.

"What a Palaver!" is very useful.  It is important to emphasize the second syllable.  PalARva.

Of course .... "Oh farrk shit wa what a palARver burp fart said the fairy queen"  is extremely satisfying.

You may recognise the Gelati socks as already having had a showing but they are out the door now to a beautiful young woman.  One just hopes she is not expecting head wear or wheels.

The next bit.
For Knitters Eyes only.

And the scarf (yes it is a scarf) is the very exciting DOUBLE KNITTING, knitting in the round on straight needles.

Zeez eez not a lesson but rather a window into the cleverness of the technique.

The front (red) and the back (green) is knitted at the same time on the same set of needles, joined at the edges in the knitting process.

When one is making a knit stitch (red) both red and green yarns need to be at the back of your work and needles.

When one is making a purl stitch (green), both the red and green yarns need to be at the front of the your work and needles.

And when you swap the colours you get a beautiful little heart.


Notjustnat said…
Love the knitted heart! Have a great day counting down to Christmas - Hugs Nat
Double knitting looks great but I haven't managed to try it myself. The knitted heart looks wonderful!
Please say thanks to your sister-in- law for "shitwa." Very satisfying.
Luvvie said…
burp????? fart????? moi????? I merely!!! :)
NessaKnits said…
One is very clever.
hello Loani!
Oh my goodness, those socks are fit for faery feet, they looks so perfectly soft and exquisite I could never put them on my feet, never!
I have been told by many of my blog friends to come and visit you because I've been on a tea cozy mission lately and they think I will enjoy yours, and I DO! In fact, just today I was flicking through your book in my favourite textile bookshop thoroughly enjoying the mushroom made from the beautiful purple wool, they are all beautiful but I was in deep admiration of that one in particular!
Have a lovely day and a lovely christmas! I've just subscribed to your blog so i don't miss a single cozy XXXXX
Jacqui and Mick said…
that last bit just made my head spin...knitting science I call it and by adding science to it I know that it is way beyond me so I will just admire from a distance and think how marvelously clever you are.

I have a tendency to say "fuckabix" when things go wrong...does that count? Not as polite as the Fairy Queen admittedly!

One is surprised that One does not already have a tiara??? Surely not - even Mick has one! In fact, there are 3 in the house no less!

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