Roses Roses Roses

Presenting Rosie Posy
In all her glorious incarnations.
Not as in "Carnation".
Not that there is anything wrong with Carnations.
But as in - there are as many variations of Rosie Posy as there are knitters.
Which is a LOT.

Most of these incarnations are on display on that nutty knitting phenomenon
RAVELRY - the Facebook of Knitting.
One is not a fan of FB and has disappeared from there after 
a second failed attempt to understand it's attractions to others.
Please excuse One if you have been looking for One there.
One left without so much as a thank you and goodbye,
And with a great deal of Pique and Huffiness
For no apparent reason other than Pique and Huffiness seemed the order of the day.

Now that is quite another thing altogether.

At Ravelry
There is so much to see and learn,
From the beautiful to the barmy.

Each of these beautiful (never barmy) cosies has an owner.
And most have a Rav name and address
But knitters will understand that listing all those addresses here would 
seriously impede on One's KNITTING time

So One will simply lead you...

Which you will be able to access IF you are already a Raveler

 Cynthia sent these me these photographs. 
She was the first to show me her creation. 

I remember how surprised I was.
Surprised and EXTRAORDINARILY chuffed...

1. that someone had knitted up my pattern
2. that someone had done it so beautifully
3. that someone had thought to show it to me.

Almost 3 years since the first publication, I take the same 
unabashed simple pleasure in every gift of a tea cosy knitted and shown off.



Lisette said…
Love this post and I am so thrilled to have my Rosie included!
I am the knitter who was inspired to use real flowers for my Rosie as a tea table centerpiece. (I do plan on knitting another one someday with knit roses.) Love this pattern!
Love your keep us knitters inspired for sure!
Maree: said…
They are ALL Gorgeous...
grrl + dog said…
That was THE patter, torn from a woman's weekly that inspired me to knit things other than scarves and poles.

I was determined to decipher the instructions.

So thankyou and see what you did!!
Carolina said…
Wild and crazy! It's fun to see so many different interpretations. Aren't we knitters a creative lot?
Siem said…
Really nice to see all these Rosie's on your blog, and so beautifull every one of them!!!
Lovely to see so many tea cozies, each with their own personalities!!!! Do you have a tea cozy group on rav?
Luvvie said…
Oh Knitting - that's right - forgot about lost in those books again....better get it out....
Kiiromi said…
OMG so much beautiful things to see here.

/Mia :)
monique said…
Hi Leoni , It's lovely to see all the rosie posies I love them all!! I use mine still every day,I love all the new ones you make also.
Love Monique
Anny said…
Just roses...everybody loves the teacosies with the roses. I made my 4th last week...
brendacknits said…
Thank you so much for providing this as a free pattern! I just finished mine last night for a Tea Cosy Swap on Ravelry, and posted a picture in my Projects. I've received such nice comments already. I know my recipient will be thrilled! She loves nature and pretty colors.
Thank you again!
bicocacolors said…
such a great post!
love them!!!
Rose said…
Amei seu Blog e já me tornei sua seguidora.
Seus trabalhos são lindos, maravilhosos !
mesunazi said…
Your blog looks nice, even so it would be far better if you’ll be able to use lighter colors too as a professional design. This will make sure that a lot more readers come to check it out.Informative post by the way!


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