Colour Envy

It is NOT mine.  
No no no. 
It is Erin's.
I keep popping over there for another ganzy.
If you love it too...
please go over to Erin's and tell her.
Be sure to have a very good look
around Erin's blog.... she also does clever funny beautiful
things like this


Chrisy said…
Can see why you like visiting Erin's's inspiring!
Notjustnat said…
Wow, it's beautiful. You can do crazy thing like this too...N
grrl + dog said…
a moulin rouge


very saucy!
Hahnsmum said…
OMG OMG OMG l LOVE that doll..l used to make them all the time for my girls..Actually occasionally sti;l; ake a doll or two for my eldest daughter ( BJ is almost 44 but still child at heart )).. And the colourful top pic, re Erins work.. Absolutely splendid..
Hahnsmum said…
The New England HEAT has gotten to me..MEANT to say ''Occasionally STILL make a doll or two, '' unquote..
Sorry bout dat..
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Oh My!!!! Thanks for the link to Erin......great minds think alike :-)
Luvvie said…
I just loved that rug too when I saw it....must make sure I told her....
SKIZO said…
good creations

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