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Just like.....

It is just like Oi always say about remembering how to do shit...

.... it is just like knitting.

This man hadn't ridden a bike in 40 years!!!!

Mind you he suffered pain in all sorts of unspeakable bits at the end of the day....

.... but look at him.... doesn't he look like a boy on a big adventure?!

And yes Oi felt pretty chuffed with moiself too.  'Tis about 15 years for me.

Once my form of travel to and from work, but shy of it after a run in with a turning car and a broken arm.


Never say never.

And YES it has been weather for hand knitted socks.

My friend Mrs Olix Dax, Fairy God Mother to my child, Luvvie, knitted me those beautiful blue ones which warmed and protected long lanky feet in Inis Mor.

The brown wool came from a brown sheep in brown Wales, bought in a grey shop in grey Ireland.

Much knitting is being knitted and wool being woolled so that the bottom third of my suit case is lined with it.

Lucky I am excellent packer.

For my Sins

One sent a letter home regarding much AND including the Heathrow yarn.
Many a reply came back wondering what The Bloke was doing throughout.
Mostly he was doing this!

But then afterwards he found One a comfy lounge and a strong cup of tea and a few soothing and even commiserative words to help calm One.  He is a good man.

Here is One telling the Good Mary Mother of God herself (or is that Saint Bernadette) that it is nooo good, no amount of Hail Marys or Our Fathers ever did help - One was bold with a quick tongue at St Joseph's primary and One was bold with a quick tongue at St Rita's secondary and strike me down dead if One is about to go all weak at the knees in the face of a frisk even by one of Her Majesty's servants.  Strike me down dead.  (Her Majesty the Queen of England that is.)

Even the Leprechauns have vacated this little beauty on Inis Mor, the biggest of the Aran Isles off the West Coast of Ireland.  It is grey and bleak and rugged and particularly uninviting - bu…

London Show and Dublin Shop

One got felt up at Heathrow - and not by some yummy Sean Connery type either - One got felt up by a young gel (spoken with a hard g remember), a young gel in uniform, a security uniform.

The metal detector went off.  One's shoes were the culprit which was tested and proved by going through the machine thingy again in One's hand knitted socks alone, the shoes checked for weapons of mass destruction in a separate detection thingy.

But apparently frisking is obligatory if bells and whistles are heard.

One objected loudly and swore profusely and threatened to write to the Queen (of England that is) but it all did little sept to entertain the great unwashed waiting in endless queues for their own random chance of humiliation.

The young gel with a hard g and a security uniform complained to her supervisor that One had sworn at her twice.  One immediately cut in with a "oh THAT's grand.  So One can't go to Ireland because One said FUCK.  Fabulous! "

Perhaps One shoul…



Spot the difference!

Yep you got it first time!

It is in ESTONIAN!!!!!!!!

Really Wild Tea Cosies has been translated into RUSIAN and ESTONIAN.........


One is assuming that that fabulous word "Teekannusoojendajad" is Estonian for tea cosy.

And "Lustakad" ????  Well Google translator has it as CHEERFUL.

Cheerful Tea Cosies!

One is feeling very cheerful, hysterical almost......




Tea cosies really are taking over the world.

Mwwhhaw  haw haw.

Inside and Out

Out and about on the streets of London

A few of my 1000 favourite things at the  Victoria and Albert Museum, ceramics exhibition.

That photo, in an Iranian shop, not the V&A, is worth a BIG look.

The View from my Window

Arrived! First pitcher Ford.
Earl's Court London There is much to be said for being middle aged. Affording comfort is one of them.
Feeling very comfortable. Also feeling tres bon Must be all those bon voyages! Mercy Bowcoop.

One More Sleep

If you are coming to say hello at the Stitch and Craft Show at the Olympia in London.....

...for goodness sake, if you see One with lippy on one's teeth PLEASE tell One.

And if you are looking at One's profile One will assume you are in awe of the tea pot earings and not that honker.

Though One wouldn't be surprised if you WERE in awe of the shnoz.  It IS pretty damn fab.

The beanie came off the needles last night.  Yep.  Knitting doesn't stop just because there are lists to attend to.

More Threads and More

One spent Friday and Saturday with these lovely  Princesses of the Tea Cosy at Threads and More in Brisbane sharing all kinds of wonderful knitterly things.

To Jennifer, Wendy, Carol,  Rosemary, Margaret, Mary-Ellen, Ingrid and Barbara....

Thank you for playing tea cosy so noicely with me. Oi had the best toime.
We learnt...

How to knit in the round on two circular needs,
How to count to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,
Continental knitting,
Ambidextrous Fair Isle - using both the Continental and English techniques at once.
How to avoid having to darn in 'beginning' and 'ending' threads by weaving it into at the back as you go.
Special tricky loose cast off method.
Secret merging of last stitch of cast off into first stitch of cast off trick.
How an SSK leans to the left while a K2tog leans to the right to make the vein of a leaf.
How to roll a rose.
A bit about colour.
A bit about design.
A lot about having a good toime.

Yes you can learn all of that on one funny little tea cosy!!

Wes The Cat?

On the chair.
There is a great deal of knitting going on Just none that One can show For an age and an age One hates that So gratuitous cat photos will have to suffice.