More Threads and More

One spent Friday and Saturday with these lovely 
Princesses of the Tea Cosy at Threads and More in Brisbane sharing all kinds of wonderful knitterly things.

To Jennifer, Wendy, Carol, 
Rosemary, Margaret, Mary-Ellen, Ingrid and Barbara....

Thank you for playing tea cosy so noicely with me.
Oi had the best toime.

We learnt...

How to knit in the round on two circular needs,
How to count to 4, 8, 16, 32, 64,
Continental knitting,
Ambidextrous Fair Isle - using both the Continental and English techniques at once.
How to avoid having to darn in 'beginning' and 'ending' threads by weaving it into at the back as you go.
Special tricky loose cast off method.
Secret merging of last stitch of cast off into first stitch of cast off trick.
How an SSK leans to the left while a K2tog leans to the right to make the vein of a leaf.
How to roll a rose.
A bit about colour.
A bit about design.
A lot about having a good toime.

Yes you can learn all of that on one funny little tea cosy!!


Red Heads said…
Oh my the ladies look sooo very happy with their tea cosies. What a great job they all did. Of course that is because they had a great teacher. I love each one. Have a great day . Blessings: Dianne.
Helen said…
One glance tells me everything I need to know ~~ ladies of substance are these charmers. Talented too.
Luvvie said…
Aren't they all great tea cosies...I am having difficulty choosing a favourite but I am interested that I am now leaning towards all those lovely blues and seeming to be my colour this year....a kind of lime green that is.....and would you look at that...the word verification is in green...I rest my case. And the word is thypt...what would a thypt stitch be...a slipped stitch with a lisp??
grrl + dog said…

I do need a knitting fix..

I see some nice noro there..
Anonymous said…
I had a wonderful time. You've created a 'rose' monster - I did a few more today. Thanks for sharing your knitting know-how with us. Cheers Ingrid
Anonymous said…
Thank you Loani, I had such a wonderful time and learn't so much all while creating a gorgeous tea cosy. I have another 2 tea pots at home...will have to make them a costume too sometime! Looking forward to the next book : )
mem said…
How gorgeous they all are - girls and cosies. What fun!
Stafford Ray said…
I have never seen a bunch of photos that showed such genuine joy. Very noice indeed!
Hahnsmum said…
Must Be SO Close to your Depature time for yr Visit to see the Q .. Safe trip, God speed..Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..New England, NSW..
Chrisy said…
Those pics with the teacosies and the wool backgrounds are fabulous!
Anonymous said…
Can't believe that this time last week I was creating a great tea cosy with a group of such lovely ladies.. and of cause a divine teacher...have a fun time in the U.K...hope they understand how to play tea cosies with you, just like we safe love jennifer

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