Spot the difference!

Yep you got it first time!

It is in ESTONIAN!!!!!!!!

Really Wild Tea Cosies has been translated into RUSIAN and ESTONIAN.........


One is assuming that that fabulous word "Teekannusoojendajad" is Estonian for tea cosy.

And "Lustakad" ????  Well Google translator has it as CHEERFUL.

Cheerful Tea Cosies!

One is feeling very cheerful, hysterical almost......




Tea cosies really are taking over the world.

Mwwhhaw  haw haw.


Jacqui and Mick said…
Fancy that, a queen leading a revolution - that's got to be history-making in itself! I want a Russian version!! CONGRATULATIONS you international author you xx
Paige B said…
Tea Cosies will certainly make a better job of ruling the world than the present mob. Looking forward to an immediate improvement!
Ginga Squid said…
It looks even sexier in Estonian! How is that possible?
Luvvie said…
OMG - I can't believe it's taken me this long to see all these photos - so much fun!! Oh luvvie...look at all the comments - you must go to London more often!!!
Hahnsmum said…
What an absolute feather in yr cap.. Whhoooo Hoohh.. Well done Lady.. Very proud of you..l can really scite now seeing l knows a very famous person.... Best Wishes, Pam C..
New Emgland.. ( & Yep its still hot over here.. Bring some of that cool weather back with you.. XXX))
grrl + dog said…

That is some achievement..

proving that the tea cosy

may possibly be the catalyst for world peace.
Strickbombe said…
"wilde teekannenwärmer" would be the super sexy title in german, if you're interested....
Carolina said…
It looks really important in Estonia. Congratulations!
Ms. Kimba said…
Hi Loani. I hope you have enjoyed the rest of your stay here in London. I couldn't remember the app you told me about that had to do with sizing measurements for my phone. Whenever you get the chance...

By the way, I was well pleased when I first said hello to you and you knew my name...I'm very happy and it made my year meeting you. Thank you so so much.
Notjustnat said…
Wow, "Teekannusoojendajad" great translation, it looks cheerful. Congrats queen - are you still in the UK?
Anonymous said…
With my limited Estonian Teekannusoojendajad" translates as
Tee = Tea
Kannu = Pot
Soojendajad = Warmers
Tea Pot Warmers = Tea Cosies
I always find it amazing that you can string adjectives together like this in Estonian and you can make some humungously long words.
It is impressive !!
Grand Purl Baa said…
Well thank you Ms Anonymous.
I would love to hear it read aloud.
Perhaps one day.

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