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More about Pour l'Amour du Fil

This morning I found this on YouTube.
Now that is a textile arts show.
Can't wait.

Knitting (and Quilting) in Nantes

London?!  London?!
Where's London?!

One is off to Nantes in April next year - that's in Brittany, France, for ....

Pour l'Amour du Fil

... to exhibit tea cosies and to give knitting workshops and parler du Francais.

Carol, the head honcho at this publishing house and co-event-organiser of Pour l'Amour du Fil, found One at the Stitch and Craft show in London and invited One to come and play tea cosy with her in Nantes and well, what was One to say but...

Oui Oui Oui merci beaucoup. C'est magnifique!
Taking over the WORLD!

AND Really Wild Tea Cosies will be translated into FRENCH in early 2012 in time for the show.

I LERVE the French (translation 2012)
and the Estonians (translation 2011)
and the Russians (translation 2012)

Oh alright!  I love the Aussies and the Kiwis and the Poms too.  I love everyone.  (it is one of those days!)

And in a the-web-is-a-wonderful-place search of Nantes One found this mechanical elephant and whole bevy of bestiary machines - a reason to go to …

The Number THREE

The Number THREE

Three years ago WTC was published.

Three months after that the first invitation to give a knitting workshop came.

Three years later One is working on book Three.

Three of this year's workshops are sold out well in advance.

Three places are left at the Mosman Needlecraft workshop in Sydney in May.

Check all workshop info here.

Sturt Winter School
5 days in July
FULL with waiting list only.

Wool Addiction
2 days in May
FULL but some confirmations needed so maybe a place or three still. Worth a phone call.

Threads and More
1 day in May
Double Sided Knitting Magic
FULL with waiting list only.

WHAT is Double Sided Knitting Magic??? .....
The front is the back is the front no messy reverse sides or darning in loose ends magic.

Feeling very full up with THREES.

10.30 am - time for a THIRD coffee.
Yep - coffee til midday.  Tea until midnight (with the odd wine in there).

HOME !!!!

All is as it should be.

Three Sleeps

One can always spot the city folk in the country.  They are the ones going.   Click.  'Awww.' Click.  'They're soooo cute.'  Click.  Click.  Click.

Thank goodness for the digital camera. ... And cropping.  Beyond that bit of sheep's fluff in the top left corner is a very uncityfied butt and dags.  Noice.

One had so many occasions to warm One's head with the beanie, and One's back with the black coat, that looking through the holiday photos, one would be forgiven for thinking that One didn't change one's clothes in three weeks.

....and well....

One was forced to admit that no level of packing skill was going to take care of that much wool.  Today One was forced to buy a whole new Wool Bag! (and freight)

.... to cart all the wool back to the Wool Room on the sunny Sunshine Coast, turning to autumn and soon after into winter.

Three sleeps left in the UK.
Going home tired but VERY happy.