The Number THREE

The Number THREE

Three years ago WTC was published.

Three months after that the first invitation to give a knitting workshop came.

Three years later One is working on book Three.

Three of this year's workshops are sold out well in advance.

Three places are left at the Mosman Needlecraft workshop in Sydney in May.

Check all workshop info here.

Sturt Winter School
5 days in July
FULL with waiting list only.

Wool Addiction
2 days in May
FULL but some confirmations needed so maybe a place or three still. Worth a phone call.

Threads and More
1 day in May
Double Sided Knitting Magic
FULL with waiting list only.

WHAT is Double Sided Knitting Magic??? .....
The front is the back is the front no messy reverse sides or darning in loose ends magic.

Feeling very full up with THREES.
10.30 am - time for a THIRD coffee.
Yep - coffee til midday.  Tea until midnight (with the odd wine in there).


Monika said…
Is your next book all about tea cozies again, or do you have other designs as well? Your double knitting looks lovely. I love your color sense.
little hat said…
No. of overseas trips? Times you've been swimming since you moved to Doonan? No. of cats you've had? No. of computers/bedrooms in the house? No of serious boyfriends? No of times each day J tells you he loves you?

Are those really Space Invaders from the old arcade game you've knitted into your pattern? How neat!
Luvvie said…
Space Invaders!!! Hah!

She's just getting ready for Easter Steve, the holy trinity and all that....Mother, Daughter and the Holey Toast....racks.....
Jejune said…
Just don't work until THREE a.m.!

Congratulations, who'd have thought that tea cosies would take you so far?!
Ms. Kimba said…
So the first double knitting looks like chinese or japanese buildings. I love it and think it's beautiful.
Notjustnat said…
I wish I could be in your workshop. One day maybe.
Carolina said…
I love the double knitting you are doing!
Jacqui and Mick said…
of all the things that could tempt me to knit. Double sided knitting is it. I'm hooked. ha ha. NO, but I am.
What a bloody celebrity. Well done.
Stafford Ray said…
Three times three days since your last post!

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