Three Sleeps

 One can always spot the city folk in the country.  They are the ones going.   Click.  'Awww.' Click.  'They're soooo cute.'  Click.  Click.  Click.

Thank goodness for the digital camera. ... And cropping.  Beyond that bit of sheep's fluff in the top left corner is a very uncityfied butt and dags.  Noice.

One had so many occasions to warm One's head with the beanie, and One's back with the black coat, that looking through the holiday photos, one would be forgiven for thinking that One didn't change one's clothes in three weeks.

....and well....

One was forced to admit that no level of packing skill was going to take care of that much wool.  Today One was forced to buy a whole new Wool Bag! (and freight)

.... to cart all the wool back to the Wool Room on the sunny Sunshine Coast, turning to autumn and soon after into winter.

Three sleeps left in the UK.
Going home tired but VERY happy.


Maree: said…
I have been following your Trip and a Great One at that...
Not Surprised you had to buy another
Have a Safe trip Home...
Robyn said…

I'm tired without the holiday, and not due to too much fun.
Ms. Kimba said…
Wow, and I thought I bought a lot of wool in the Uk...haha

I'm back in America now and thanks for talking to me in London. I think you're really nice and really cool! Been showing off my autographed book by you to everyone I know.

Have a safe trip back home.
Luvvie said…
Can't wait to see you possum!!!
grrl + dog said…
Wool does not weigh much..

does it?

oh, and the butt with dags, hope it was on a sheep, right??
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Serious Stash Envy :-)
Conny's Cottage said…
Taht is funny

happy Eastern
greatings send you Conny
Lacemaker35 said…
Oh I'm so glad I'm not the only one who has to buy an additional bag to get my purchases home ... teehee - I've since learnt to stash a backpack in the main luggage.

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