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Work is the Curse of the Knitting Class

That is four workshops at Wool Addiction in Bowral, since 2009.

One asked if four times was a tradition.  Some might say it was a bloody habit.

Bowral and Wool Addiction is feeling rather like a second home.  Noice.  Very noice.

Princepessas (left to right) Vicki, Carol, Jenny, Judy, Helen, Dorothy and along the front (left to right) Diane, Maria, Kerrie and Tristy played tea cosy very nicely with One.  Yes they did.

All in the company of Tyler the working dog.

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They produced these little beauties.  A Cuddle of Cosies.

This was One's first time at the Mosman Needlecraft Shop in (you guessed it) Mosman.

What a fab shop.  Lots of really great wool.  Different really great wool to the really great wool at Wool Addiction.

And also lots of really great tapestry and cross stitch patterns.  Modern, colourful, clever, funny, gorgeous tapestry. 

One was almost sucked into having a go at tapestry.  ALMOST.  Then One remembered a knitting book deadline.....
... and …

More Numbers

The number One.
 One knitted the sun up today.

OK so that isn't a number, but a royal pronoun but One may take liberties with the language as One wills. 

The number 5.
One has been knitting the sun up since returning from abroad.  There is no sleep beyond 5 am.  Only knitting.

One is variously delirious with the joy of knitting....

..... and FREAKING out!

Scary numbers.
12 designs down.

12 to go!

8 weeks till deadline!

Albert Einstein
"If at first, the idea is not absurd, there is no hope for it."
Albert Enstien.

He MIGHT have been talking about tea cosy design!  Yes he might.

Enough Absurd Ideas Add up the ideas, divide by the number of weeks, do the sign of the cross, genuflect genuflect and knit knit knit.

Back to it.