Numbers - oh how we love numbers

On the


One turned


and now has


trios in One's collection


overlocker to make you all green


hangover for you to snicker at

and a kookaburra in a gum tree.

Happy Birthday Me

P.S.  The book is safely at the publishers.


Now there is just the
1.  technical editing
2.  photography
3.  book design
4.  and printing to be done.


StephB said…
Happy happy you x 53!!! Your numbers are starting to add up to something exciting!!! Very pleased that you met the deadline.And intrigued.
Ginga Squid said…
love V x
Shell Sherree said…
Yay, Happy Birthday to You! And congratulations on having the book safely to the publishers. A double celebration worthy of a hangover.
grrl + dog said…
woo hoo!

happy birthday to yoooooo!

have you taken the overlocker for a spin?
Justjen said…
Happy Birthday, many happy drinkies to you :)
Monika said…
Happy Birthday!
Stafford Ray said…
Happy birthday. I can't wait to be 53! But about the pics... overlocker, well OK, tea cups.. hinting for a compete set? But what is that big blue thing with the white splotches??
Congrats on the book too. Can't wait to see the edition in Arabic!
Jacqui and Mick said…
A big happy birthday to you!! Oh boy, I thought you did well last year with the iPad but an Overlocker? You are such a pro! Happy days to you xxx
Got2Knit said…
Happy Birthday. Great news about the book.
bowerbirdz said…
Happy birthday - I'll be joining you at that number in a few months. Looking forward to seeing the new book. I will have to save all 3 of them up and wangle meself a personal book signing event.
Notjustnat said…
Happy Birthday to the Queen. It's nice to have a weekend birthday. Hope it was fun. I like you birthday present! Glad to hear your book is at the publisher. Can't wait to see it.
Anonymous said…
Dear L the F
You've got a long way to go to catch me!! But keep trying. It will be fun. So you were on the booze-and to think you didn't invite uzz- What a bad girl!!
Hahnsmum said…
Happy Birthday dear Lady who is FIFTEEN yrs younger than MOI..l have my B Day on Thurs.. Gawd..Who needs to be TWO yrs away from the BIG SEVEN Ohhhhh.. Anyway hope you had a good one.. l am off to the Beautiful Nundle in Sept (( me hopes )) to a writing wkend.. Sounds like fun..Best Wishes..
jwami said…
At last, you've surfaced! I was beginning to worry about you... It's wonderful to have you back, and congratulations on your birthday. We are nearly twins, born just one month apart. I'm dying to see what the pressure has brought forth. xxx
Luvvie said…
Won't it be good when blogger can capture everyone in blogland singing happy birthday to you?

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday to you

Happy Birthday dear Loaaaaaaannnnnneeeeeeeeee

Happy Birthday to youououououoooooooo!

Deeply envious of new cup and saucer.
Carol said…
Congratulations on finishing your 3rd book

I'm assuming the blue and white cushion? will be in the book.

It was mentioned in the previous post about a surprise from the book.
Gidgetknits said…
Happy birthday! Will you drink the four cups of tea all at once? Congratulations on getting the book in!
Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

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