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Really Wild Tea Cosies is an eBOOK !

One is a Modern Knitter.
Yes One is.
One has an Ebook.
Or is that an eBOOK.

iPad and iPhone- yes - iPhone users can download Really Wild Tea Cosies from their Apple iBookstore for AUD $12.99.

Tea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea hea he he he ha ha ha
(that is a polite giggle, not an hysterical cackle - oh OK there is a bit a cackle towards the end there)

Kindle users can download from Amazon KINDLE for AUD $9.99

What is the difference One hears you cry.

the Apple iBookstore version is an exact replica of the print version with all it's beautiful design features in place.

the Amazon Kindle version is text plus photos. You get all the information you need to complete the patterns but the book doesn't look quite so spiffy.

Noice.  Real noice.
The Wonderful Women of Warwick at the Jumpers and Jazz Festival and their  clever funny beautiful  Cuddle of Cosies

Double Knitting Heaven and other Stuff


Double knitted scarf
Fair Isle Beanie Hat thingy
Noro Silk Garden


Same thing
Different Angle

Old Man's Jumper
Man's Old Jumper
Washed in hot water to within an inch of its life (felted)
Shelter yarn
Blanket stitch (sewing!!!)
Arm holes waiting

Over exposed
Over saturated


Sturt Winter School 2011

Pill Box Hat with Fascinator On the 1st day of 5 days we made the Pill Box Hat to learn some new knitting techniques

Long tail cast on.
Knitting in round on 2 sets of circular needles.
Continental knitting.
Fair Isle knitting.
Ambidextrous knitting using continental and Australian/English methods at once for Fair Isle colour work.
Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

After all that these Wonderful Women were up for just about anything.

click on photos to embiggen
Anything!  including - double knitting and even short rows with a secret wrap and turn. 
Tea Cosies with STYLE
From Top Left Val - Double Trouble
Suzy - Pina Colada
Suzie - Night Garden

From Middle Left Ros - Inside the Square
Dianne - Temple of Tea
Debbie - Blue Note

From Bottom Left Carol - China Tea
Anne - Doubly Wild
Suellen - Waratah

And THEN there were all the ...
Other Classes ... going on at Sturt at the same time. 

Felt making
Jewellery making
Acrylic painting
Basket making
Art Book making
Wood carving
Print makin…

The Queen on Tour

Mittagong NSW - July 4-8 wkshop booked out
Brisbane QLD - July 23 wkshop booked out
Warwick QLD - July 28-29 wkshop booked out

Longreach QLD - August 12-13 4 places
Brisbane (again) - August 19-20 places left
Geelong VIC - September 25-1 Oct 3 places

The book over, well mostly over, except for Georgina The Editor giving One hell; and ensuing styling, photography, design, printing and dancing about hysterically on arrival of a single advanced copy sometime after Christmas....

Where are you Georgina? Bring it on girl!

So where was One? Oh yeah, the book over, One is off on tour for the rest of winter Down Under.

Next week is the Sturt Winter School in Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Zeez is what happened at Sturt last year and the year before.

Brisbane isn't all THAT far away from here but it is still away and will require eating and drinking and sleeping with friends.  Errr not sleeping WITH friends.  Sleeping AT friends, but definitely eating and drinking WITH friends.�…