The Queen on Tour

Mittagong NSW - July 4-8 wkshop booked out
Brisbane QLD - July 23 wkshop booked out
Warwick QLD - July 28-29 wkshop booked out

Longreach QLD - August 12-13 4 places
Brisbane (again) - August 19-20 places left 
Geelong VIC - September 25-1 Oct 3 places

The book over, well mostly over, except for Georgina The Editor giving One hell; and ensuing styling, photography, design, printing and dancing about hysterically on arrival of a single advanced copy sometime after Christmas....

Where are you Georgina? Bring it on girl!

So where was One? Oh yeah, the book over, One is off on tour for the rest of winter Down Under.

Next week is the Sturt Winter School in Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW.

Zeez is what happened at Sturt last year and the year before.

Brisbane isn't all THAT far away from here but it is still away and will require eating and drinking and sleeping with friends.  Errr not sleeping WITH friends.  Sleeping AT friends, but definitely eating and drinking WITH friends. 

Double Knitting at Threads and More on 23 of July.

Jumpers and Jazz
Then there is the Jumpers and Jazz festival in Warwick, 160 kilometers west of Brisbane. The Bloke will accompany One on that driving tour. We shall take our time there and back in the fashion of a mini holiday adventure.

Just confirmed: there WILL be a workshop hosted by the Longreach Arts Counci.

On the evening of Saturday the 13, during a Soiree, One will address the throng of Workshoppers and their family and friends and perhaps even a passersby or three, in a short chat titled

"Wild for Tea Cosies - Heirlooms, Art? and the Child at Heart". 

After which One will move swiftly along to sharing cool crisp wine and petit fours, surrounded by an exhibition of Workshoppers' knitted objets d'art and one or two of The Queen's little wooly sculptures too.  Noice.  Very noice.  Email me for the moment and I'll pass your enquiries on.

Brisbane Again
Sleeping AT friends again in Brisbane for another Wild Knitting (tea cosy) workshop at Threads and More on

Gees those Brisbane girls love their Threads and More workshops!

Wild Knitting is just one of 15 fabulous classes you can do at the Geelong Textile Forum 2011

It will be a festival, a corroboree, a moon dance of textile tragics in the Victorian town of Geelong


Notjustnat said…
I will be seeing you in Geelong. Someone will come and give you a big hug in person so look out! Enjoy the busy time ahead - xoxo Nat
Chrisy said…
oh lordy one is weary just reading about the queen's tour...obviously those of noble blood can withstand such a pace...hope you enjoy each moment darlin....
Anonymous said…
Dear L the F
Your theme song- sung in a Jazzy style should be' On the Road Again!! Enjoy.
Anonymous said…
My word but One is a buzy bee. Enjoy
grrl + dog said…
how busy is the queen??

Lovely nostalgia seeing the pics of Sturt at the top... and my notorious tea cosy!
lynne h said…
my goodness, the Queen is busy! xoxo
The Duck Herder said…
Queenie does orstraylia!
The Duck Herder said…
and no rest for the wicked and all that.
StephB said…
Well done Your Queenliness. What a wonderfully enrichening experience You and Your Royal Subjects must be having! Wishing you well. xx
Hahnsmum said…
Well Lady, you will be busy..WISH l could get to Longreach but me tinks we might just be in Tassie then.. And too far for little old Granny to drive..Oh well, next year maybe around Brissy for sure.. Best Wishes, Hahnsmum..

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