Sturt Winter School 2011

Pill Box Hat with Fascinator
On the 1st day of 5 days we made the Pill Box Hat to learn some new knitting techniques

Long tail cast on.
Knitting in round on 2 sets of circular needles.
Continental knitting.
Fair Isle knitting.
Ambidextrous knitting using continental and Australian/English methods at once for Fair Isle colour work.
Jeny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off.

After all that these Wonderful Women were up for just about anything.

click on photos to embiggen

Anything!  including - double knitting and even short rows with a secret wrap and turn. 

Tea Cosies with STYLE

From Top Left
Val - Double Trouble
Suzy - Pina Colada
Suzie - Night Garden

From Middle Left
Ros - Inside the Square
Dianne - Temple of Tea
Debbie - Blue Note

From Bottom Left
Carol - China Tea
Anne - Doubly Wild
Suellen - Waratah

And THEN there were all the ...
Other Classes
... going on at Sturt at the same time. 

Felt making
Jewellery making
Acrylic painting
Basket making
Art Book making
Wood carving
Print making
Digital photography
Botanical drawing

What an incredible week.
I had the BEST time. Yes I did.
Thank you to all the lovely clever Knitting Knuts.
Thank you to all the lovely clever Tutors.
Thank you to all the lovely clever dedicated organised hostesses with the mostesses, the Sturt team.

Can I come back next year please?


Notjustnat said…
Wow what fun! I needed a hat hehe!
Stafford Ray said…
Sturt is my alma mater but none of those subjects was available when I was there!
grrl + dog said…
So jealous I was not at Meri Peach's basket making..

and to learn ambidextrous fairisle...can barely say it, let alone DO it.
You just keep getting bigger and betterer. I can just feel the energy of that team oozing off my screen.
Well done you Grand Enthuser you.
Carolina said…
OH, oh, now I get it. Since I don't need a tea cosie, since I don't drink tea, I can knit a wonderfully wacky or silly hat instead. I love those pill box hats!!!!
Anonymous said…
Love your work!

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