More Longreach Tea Cosies


Here they are, the Tea Cosy Princesses of Longreach.

Princess Sue

Princess Lorraine

Princess Kay

Princess Karen

Princess Josie

Princess Julie

Princess Boo

Princess Carley

Hard at work.

Overseen by The Bloke's tea cosy.


Notjustnat said…
Oh, what fun you all had!
Stafford Ray said…
"Overseen by The Bloke's tea cosy". Thank goodness for a bit of sanity! :-)
Jacqui said…
new best friends~ harrumpff!!

Does look like fun though :) x
Anonymous said…
So a new friend- how noice!
So Whataboutyaoldones- hmm?
grrl + dog said…
looks like a lovely spot..

I have a koala cosy just like that..
Chrisy said…
Ahhhh you would have been the best thing to happen to Longreach for awhile me thinks...
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Looks like a lot of fun :-)
lilly piri said…
Love the koala cosy!! I saw your book on the holds shelf on our local library here! :)
StephB said…
Very successful workshop I'd say. Spreading the love beautifully. Creating such a big tea circle you are xx
Liz said…
Made me smile!

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