Textile Arts Forum

Wes The Cat will take care of things while One is gallivanting off to Victoria some 1800 kilometers South of here, first to Melbourne to play with Rose, who has been One's very good friend since we were Gels (hard G) and to SHOP and to drive the Great Ocean Road, all on the way to Geelong and the Textile Arts Forum where One is giving a knitting workshop alongside a bunch of textile artists for a whole FIVE and half days.

Next week Geelong.

Last week Brisbane and Threads and More, double knitting and Fair Isle knitting avec some celebs.

Annelea, named after the bad girl in a movie her mum and dad saw when they were pregnant with her (the things you share in a knitting workshop!!)

Joan Crawford

Faye Dunaway

Sabine who is close cousin to Sabrina the (good) witch

Rosalind Russell

and the woman who started it all...

Meryl Streep

It turns out One has much to learn about imparting the secret of double knitting - still - but what a magnificent bunch of teachers you are.  Thank you thank you.


Notjustnat said…
Enjoy Melbourne the shopping capital of Oz and I will see you on the open day at the forum - hugs Nat
Shell Sherree said…
Purrrrr. He's doing a superlative job. Happy gallivanting!
grrl + dog said…
is it that time already??

Will be gorgeous in Geelong. Must learn to double knit...
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Wes doesn't look too stressed out about you abandoning him to go shopping ;-)
Hahnsmum said…
All sounds good Lady.. Love that crochet quilt behind Wes on that there chair.. Have a great time & a safe trip to Victoria... .(( Bought another YUMMY parcel ((A BIG ONE )) from the Yummy Nundle woollen mill . Arrived on Friday..THANK YOU LORD for online web shopping..
Have fun in Geelong. If your cat is gone when you get back check my house.
'Textile Arts Forum'! You've hit the big time Gel!

Just missed you on our trip south to see first born now living in Melbourne.

Horribly cold it is and was. Hope you took a pile of those luscious knitted socks.

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