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Gentleman's Argyle Fishing Scarf

For a Gentleman - who fishes. 

A double knitting pattern form this book

Made with Debbie Bliss Luxury Donegal Aran Wool and Eki Riva 8 ply Alpaca 

With a bit of help from Wes The Cat 

Matching Tea Cosy

Pretty Tea Cosies. Book four? 

Pour l'amour du Fil - Nantes, Brittany, France

One is off to Nantes, Brittany, France.  One knows One has already spoken about going to Nantes, Brittany, France in a previous post - but One has now had a formal invitation and plans are being made.

The most important plan is the plan for a workshop.  Just a little short 3 hour workshop to be given at the Pour l'amour du Fil, twice.  One has only ever done 2 DAY and 5 DAY workshops so zeeez eeez zeee project One intends to teach in each of the 2 x 3 hour workshops in Nantes, Brittany, France.

Un Joli Petit Cadeau
A Pretty Little Present for those of you who don't speak French
C'est une rose broach in a rose broach gift bag.

In this tiny little packet one will learn
.  long tail cast on
.  double knitting
.  knitting in the round with the magic loop on one set of circular needles
.  weaving into knitted fabric
.  lace holes
.  sew and knit cast off
.  I cord
.  a clever rose

April 18 - 21st Pour l'Amour du Fil - For the Love of Thread - Nantes, Brittany, France

In Between Knitting


See One's Pretty Knitting

Tis FAR too long since One showed One's own knitting.  See!  Look!  See!

Rowen Kidsilk Haze 3 mm needles 
Double Knitting Grids in stocking stitch Blocks in reverse stocking stitch
Note the positive/negative colour - Blue grid green block - Green grid blue block

One could already Double Knit But One learned about clever reverse stocking stitch blocks in a coffee queue at Forum. Thank you Nancy. Hello Nancy's sister Barb.

Geelong Forum 2011

I have been in Geelong (Go the Cats) at Forum - as it is known to those who attend year after year - a sort of annual pilgrimage of textile rebirthing - where women teach, learn, share, laugh, cry, eat, drink and dance their way through five and half days of stitching heaven.

Introducing my Fabulous Knitters.
click on photos to embiggen

 Left to right - Jessica, Inger and Rebecca
with their tea cosies - The Dowager, Wild Garden and Squaring the Circle

Dorothy, Anne W and Norma
Tournament Tent, Printemps and Autumn Leaves

Lorraine, Irina and Anne N
Court Jester, (Irina's cosy is hiding from view but is beautiful too) and Book of Yarns.
What a week! Anne N and Norma took this little old Forum virgin under their friendly wings and made me feel very welcome indeed.  Thank you thank you.  And to all the Great Gals in the group too.  You were a joy to play tea cosy with.

We started the week knitting the pill box hats.  There is so much to learn in a little pill box hat.
Long tai…