Geelong Forum 2011

I have been in Geelong (Go the Cats) at Forum - as it is known to those who attend year after year - a sort of annual pilgrimage of textile rebirthing - where women teach, learn, share, laugh, cry, eat, drink and dance their way through five and half days of stitching heaven.

Introducing my Fabulous Knitters.
click on photos to embiggen

 Left to right - Jessica, Inger and Rebecca
with their tea cosies - The Dowager, Wild Garden and Squaring the Circle

Dorothy, Anne W and Norma
Tournament Tent, Printemps and Autumn Leaves

Lorraine, Irina and Anne N
Court Jester, (Irina's cosy is hiding from view but is beautiful too) and Book of Yarns.

What a week! Anne N and Norma took this little old Forum virgin under their friendly wings and made me feel very welcome indeed.  Thank you thank you.  And to all the Great Gals in the group too.  You were a joy to play tea cosy with.

We started the week knitting the pill box hats.  There is so much to learn in a little pill box hat.
  • Long tail cast on
  • Knitting in the round on 2 sets of circular needles.  
  • Knitting continental style and for those already knitting continental style, Aussie/Pom style.  
  • Fair Isle with a thread in each hand.
  • and the obligatory bit of maths

Here we are on the last night - partying - in our party pill box hats - aren't we gorgeous!  
What! You can't see me?  I'm the one behind the camera.

and after the pill box
we got stuck straight into designing tea cosies.

It is a fab old loife One is having it is.


Notjustnat said…
Wow! I love the party girls with your very own pill box hat creation. Lovely ladies! It was great to meet you Queen L, you are very bit I thought you would be. Tall and elegant!
Sonia said…
Wow, what a fabulous class! I'm a little jealous I didn't join in this year now. I've been to 5 or 6 forums, but haven't attended as a student for a few years.
jwami said…
This looks like oh so much fun. Those are wild cosies!!
StephB said…
Wish you could bottle the energy delivered by that likely lot in the fancy hats! So much power for good in the world there. And such a pretty world they'd paint as well!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Lovely hats! That sounds like a serious knitting class :-)
Love these tea cosies! A close friend of mine was at the forum and came home raving about you and your book "Really Wild Tea Cosies".

I've since made Hanky Panky and really enjoyed it. I'm miserable though because I want to make The Jester for someone's Christmas present, and their teapot is not available to me to work with (they're interstate), and it is a different size and shape than you wrote the pattern for. This is a pic:

The diameter of the base is 9.5cm and the height excluding the knob is 14.5cm.

Do you have any tips about getting the size right in this instance, and any general tips about adjusting sizing to fit your teapot?

I would really appreciate any help!
Hello Rose

I am happy to help you but I will need your email address to communicate with you.

My email is

loani at me dot com


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