Sunita's New Yorker

Sunita's New Yorker 

For Sunita 

in New York 

Double Knitting 
made with Noro Silk Garden Lite
4 balls - 2 each of 
different colourway

Reverse side
Stocking stitch only

When you double knit,
you create a front fabric 
and back fabric at the same time.

In Sunita's scarf, the back
is all in stocking stitch.

the edging is a simple
crochet chain shell.

On the front, the squares are
knitted in reverse stocking stitch,

and woven with contrasting
coloured yarn and darning needle.

Knit Knit
Happy Happy
Joy Joy 

Double Knitting.


Banaghaisge said…
That looks absolutely fabulous!!!! I have only recently started knitting far more. And actually finishing stuff, that is cos I am making socks. Small enough to be achievable, large enough to be challenging. That is because I am going from simple toe up st st, to adding fancy pants stitches, and experimenting with different plies, needles, stitches, guages. It is lucky there are so many feet in our family because I will find a foot to match anything I make. Christmas will be all about stockings this year...
Might have to build up to another clever blanket too with this lovely Noro creation...(I ammaking one with diagonally knitted squares, using DMC tapestry wool, expensive but it makes for a wider range of colours...)
Hugs, and thank you for skiting this off, Jasmine
lynne h said…
you are so clever!!

i adore these colors...

Bah humbug! Jealous as!!! When I grow up I want to be just as clever as you!

Damn you for also being so noice!
Carolina said…
Absolutely gorgeous. I love that idea of weaving in a contrasting color in the reverse stockinette! I'm currently working on a double knit scarf with a slightly fuzzy yarn on one side and a silk on the other (from silk hankies). When the yarns reverse, so the silk shows on the fuzzy wool side it makes a lovely contrast.
grrl + dog said…

this stuff still bends my tiny mind intio a pretzel trying to figure out how it's done...
GerryART said…
This is stunningly gorgeous ! ! !
Want, want, WANT ! ! !
Hahnsmum. said…
Now that , Lady is just beautiful..You is very clever.. Never tried double knitting.. But hey, if you have a double knitting workshop up near Brissy somewhere next year, l will drive my old trusty ute up there.. Truly scarf is very very pretty. Well done you !! Best Wishes.. Hahnsmum..
Kristina said…
I love everything about this scarf - the colours, the texture, the way it looks... It reminds me of wafers :) (don't ask me why) You're a great knitter!
pinkviolets said…
That must have taken forever and all that weaving in!!!!!!!!!!very clever and very beautiful.
barra said…
The scarf is fabulous, have tried double knitting and loved it. Is this your pattern if so will you publish it, if not where did you get it from please.

Jacqui said…
This is so beautiful it makes me want to learn to knit. And I have to just Leopold is SPECTACULAR!! xx
LOVE this!!! Happy, happy 2012!! XXO-
knit-nerd said…
Is this in Ravelry?? So beautiful! Is there a written pattern, or did you just in your clever mind?
a.w. said…
So so pretty!!

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