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One Too

One has been knitting another Double Knit Noro Scarf With Woven Windows.

One loved Sunita's New Yorker so much, One had to have one too.

One had to have one too.

One had to have one too.

One has been playing with other double knitting.

But One feels a hiatus coming on.  One wonders why on earth One chose red and grey to play with.

One is reminded of school colours.

What was One thinking?!

Wool Aversion Therapy seems to be wasted on Wes That Bloody Cat.

One left the knitting chair for a moment to attend to a pot of tea (or perhaps that was a glass of red) and came back to find he had taken up residence.
Noooooo!   You are NOT cute.  You are BAD.   BAD cat.  Get out of One's wool basket now.

OKaaaay.  You can HAVE the chair.


Merry Christmas from the Southern Hemisphere.

Hmmm yes it does look suspiciously like The Bloke doesn't it.

Happy 'Doing' Christmas Present

LOOK at those happy faces!

Did you ever see such love and joy?!

Zeez eez the effect of knitting tea cosies in the company of other happy women knitting tea cosies.

One is offering the ultimate Christmas present.

The present for the girl who has everything.

The present for the girl who DESERVES everything.

A 'DOING' present.

A One Day Workshop At One's Castle on the Hill In Doonan, on the Sunshine Coast. (an easy drive from Brisbane)
9.30 am - 4.00 pm Friday 3 February.
6 only places.
Morning tea and lunch catered.
Wool supplied.

Vee vill learn...
Long tail cast on. (very useful)
Basic Double Knitting. (very clever)
Knitting in the round with the Magic Loop. (also very clever)
Weaving into knitting (very tricky).
i-cord. (very easy)
Lace holes. (very very)
Kitchener cast off. (mindblowingly clever)
Rolling a rose. (very adictive)
Knitting a collar. (neat)
And all you need to know is how to cast on (any old way), how to cast off (any which way), how to knit a stitch and how t…

Jewellery - For Christmas

One's quietly funny, very clever, far too talented friend, Phil Ward, is giving jewelry  workshops in his brand new studio in his bespoke house just over the green hill from One.  Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, North of Brisbane.
If you are looking for a "DOING" present for a special friend this Christmas, then Phil's workshops might be pretty damn special, One reckons, One does.
Zeez eez heez Triple J earingz.  Noice.

And a watch One has been lusting after for some time.
Hmmmm.  One can feel another commission coming on.
You can email Phil here to make enquiries about times etc.
One day workshops:  $145 Two day workshops:  $275

Vanessa's Leopold

It is ESSENTIAL you turn up your VOLUME
and PLAY this post's accompanying music

One has a penchant for chooks.   Funny, clever, arty, exuberant chooks.

This year One commissioned a chook from Vanessa.
(no you can't go to Vanessa's blog yet)
Introducing Leopold 
looking this way

Looking that way

OK so now you can go to Vanessa's blog Be sure to tell her you LOVE her Leopold, MY Leopold, traveled all the way from the Old Country  to take up residence on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.