Happy 'Doing' Christmas Present

LOOK at those happy faces!

Did you ever see such love and joy?!

Zeez eez the effect of knitting tea cosies in the company of other happy women knitting tea cosies.

One is offering the ultimate Christmas present.

The present for the girl who has everything.

The present for the girl who DESERVES everything.

A 'DOING' present.

A One Day Workshop
At One's Castle on the Hill
In Doonan, on the Sunshine Coast.
(an easy drive from Brisbane)

9.30 am - 4.00 pm
Friday 3 February.

6 only places.

Morning tea and lunch catered.

Wool supplied.


Vee vill learn...

Long tail cast on. (very useful)
Basic Double Knitting. (very clever)
Knitting in the round with the Magic Loop. (also very clever)
Weaving into knitting (very tricky).
i-cord. (very easy)
Lace holes. (very very)
Kitchener cast off. (mindblowingly clever)
Rolling a rose. (very adictive)
Knitting a collar. (neat)

And all you need to know is how to cast on (any old way), how to cast off (any which way), how to knit a stitch and how to purl a stitch.

Contact me via email with your name and phone number and I will phone you back (in Australia).


Kristina said…
It's a brilliant idea - an original tea cosy for Christmas! I'm sure all of the 6 ladies (I asume it will be ladies?) will have fun.
little hat said…
Happy Christmas Queen O and The Bloke.
That Doonan Workshop is my birthday so sadly I won't be able to enrol. Knit one for me. S
Robyn said…
I love the magic you knit/share with others. Brilliant stuff.

Merry Christmas too... have fun.

word verification 'eusknit' :)
Yarny Days said…
What a great idea! So much fun!
Hahnsmum. said…
A Very Happy Christmas season to Loani, & your family.. ..
Best Wishes, .
from The Clarkes at wet wet Bingara..
Hashimoto Yoshi said…
J'adore!!!tout simplement!!!...

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