Jewellery - For Christmas

One's quietly funny, very clever, far too talented friend, Phil Ward, is giving jewelry  workshops in his brand new studio in his bespoke house just over the green hill from One.  Eumundi, Sunshine Coast, North of Brisbane.

If you are looking for a "DOING" present for a special friend this Christmas, then Phil's workshops might be pretty damn special, One reckons, One does.

Zeez eez heez Triple J earingz.  Noice.

And a watch One has been lusting after for some time.

Hmmmm.  One can feel another commission coming on.

You can email Phil here to make enquiries about times etc.

One day workshops:  $145
Two day workshops:  $275


Notjustnat said…
It looks very interesting. I wish I live closer to Phil - hugs Nat
grrl + dog said…
is that the triple J logo? Great idea..

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