One Too

One has been knitting another Double Knit Noro Scarf With Woven Windows.

One loved Sunita's New Yorker so much, One had to have one too.

One had to have one too.

One had to have one too.

One has been playing with other double knitting.

But One feels a hiatus coming on.  One wonders why on earth One chose red and grey to play with.

One is reminded of school colours.

What was One thinking?!

Wool Aversion Therapy seems to be wasted on Wes That Bloody Cat.

One left the knitting chair for a moment to attend to a pot of tea (or perhaps that was a glass of red) and came back to find he had taken up residence.
Noooooo!   You are NOT cute.  You are BAD.   BAD cat.  Get out of One's wool basket now.

OKaaaay.  You can HAVE the chair.


Merry Christmas from the Southern Hemisphere.

Hmmm yes it does look suspiciously like The Bloke doesn't it.


Monika said…
Merry CHristmas!
Holly said…
Whenever I read your blog, and I am admiring pictures of Wes, my cat Kobe gets jealous and jumps in my lap. Your knitting is beautiful. "Merry Christmas" from Kobe & me -- >j<
Anny said…
Merry Christmas from Holland!
jwami said…
I am not fooled. You are not that far south. That is snow, in the background that THAT bloke is hanging out in. You are no doubt basking in some lovverly sunshine. No doubt that grey 'n red will find it's place in some clime or other, perhaps just not in Queensland in the summer.
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Lovin that double-knitting! Even the red and the grey, very noice :-)

Happy Christmas to you, hope its not a stinker like it going to be up here! Wes is just making sure you get him a good chrissie present LOL. That will be me on Boxing Day....lying around with a wee cocktail or two :-)
grrl + dog said…
Hope you are staying cool with a beverage in your hand..

May 2012 bring MORE joy and Ben home.
Hahnsmum. said…
Dont like the look on Wes`s face in the last pic..NOT HAPPY Mum.. l`m insanely jealous of you too.. That knitting is very clever.. Hope you guys had a good one today..Ours are SO PEACEFUL, very nice & most of day was coler than normal. Best Wishes for 2012.. Regards, Hahnsmum..
Jacqui said…
well I like red and grey even if it is a bit school colours. You can always give it to me :) That cat needs a gigantic chill pill - just look at that face with the paw raised ready to strike. Poke him with a knitting needle! x
Kristina said…
Merry Christmas to ONE knitter and the angry looking cat. Best wishes are flying to you two from the snoless North xxx
Chrisy said…
You just can't keep your fingers still can u...aaah the bloke knows what life's about...
Sue said…
Hi and thanks for popping by l love your tea cosies so many lovey ideas
The 8th Gem x
marshall p said…
1. I love and covet your noro yarn.
2. tea cozies are adorable!
3. I live on the beach in North Carolina, I can't even tell you how many beach santas we have here.
4. : )

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