Vanessa's Leopold

It is ESSENTIAL you turn up your VOLUME
and PLAY this post's accompanying music


One has a penchant for chooks. 
 Funny, clever, arty, exuberant chooks.

This year One commissioned a chook from Vanessa.
(no you can't go to Vanessa's blog yet)
Introducing Leopold 
looking this way

Looking that way

OK so now you can go to Vanessa's blog
Be sure to tell her you LOVE her Leopold, MY Leopold,
traveled all the way from the Old Country 
to take up residence on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia.


Magpie's Nest said…
What an oh so comely chook that 'Leopold' fellow is, strutting his stuff just as Mick Jagger urged us to do!

And I followed the link to Vanessa' blog in your very timely fashion. Lovely discovery! Merci.
Baa-Me Kniits said…
OMG you have one of Vanessa's sculptures....Isn't she just the best! I love her blog and all her beautiful creativity and of course her little doggies too. Hooray for you :-)
Kristina said…
So he has already reached you!? It seems that British post wasn't too busy, although Christmas is just round the corner.

That music is perfect!
Sueyw said…
I absolutely love him! Is Vanessa the same lady who did the sculpture for Loop in London?
gill said…
As soon as I saw the title of your blog I knew exactly who Leopold was!!! I love Vanessa's blog and how wonderful to see where Leopold has travelled to! Isn't he wonderful???
LeslieA said…
Leopold certainly is a very exuberant rooster! I have had a look at Vanessa's blog and am so impressed by her talent and creativity.
Hello Loani,
I've just been playing the music and reading your blog post, and it's a wonderful combination! Thank you very much for showing Leopold off in all his glory, he looks very at home! Now I'm here, I must leave a comment on your scarf post, meant to do that when I was last here, so off I go! Vanessa xxx
little hat said…
Kick-ass rooster you got there Loani.
What does Wes think of him?
Purl Buttons said…
What a lucky girl you are. I also happen to think Leopold is a lucky chook to live at your place.
Purl Buttons said…
What a lucky girl you are. I also happen to think Leopold is a lucky chook to live at your place.
Jacqui said…
Lucky Leopold to have such a fine brood to live with!
Cate Holst said…
Leopold is a gorgeous little-red-rooster. He has Mick's lips though

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