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Scoootish Tea

OK OK so here is a little preview of How Tea Cosies Changed the World on zeee blerg.

One joined Facebook and has been neglecting zeeee blerg

"Zeee Blerg"  ??  One is practicing One's French of course.

Perhaps One ought to be practicing One's Scootish.

See the wee hearts underneath?

See the wee teapots on top?

See the wee argyle on the side?

All in Shelter yarn.

hmmmm mmmmm.

Getting ready to go on tour.

tea hea hea hea hea
And in another incarnation.

Tea Cosies has landed.

ONE - the number of advanced copies a published knitter gets.

SEVEN - the number of weeks the slow boat from China takes to get all the other books here.

TWENTY TWO - the date in March the book will be launched at Avid Reader, West End, Brisbane.

THREE - the number of books in One's stash.

LARGE - the circumference of One's head today.

ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY - the page on which to Go Feral.

Thank you thank you thank you to the Murdoch Mob ...

Diana the Publisher
Georgina the Technical Editor
Jared the Photographer
Emma the Stylist
Sophia the Managing Editor
Deb the Design Director
Emma the Designer

What a beautiful job you did.

Leading Fashion

Moi, One, with matching scarf and tea cosy.

De rigeur in all the posh homes and tea houses this year.

More Tea Cosy Numbers

74 - the number of sleeps until the release of "How Tea Cosies Changed the World"

4 - the number of tea cosies on sneak preview here on the back cover of  "How Tea Cosies Changed the World".

3 - a wishful number counting the weeks till One gets One's only advance copy flying in from China while all the bookstore copies come in that infamous 'slow boat'.

Tea Cosies - Numbers (and letters)

76 - the number of sleeps before How Tea Cosies Changed the World appears in a bookstore near you. (in Australia)

20 - the date in March to mark in your calendar.

FB - for a place you can find One playing tea cosy (in Australia and France) in...

2012 - a BIG year

Wood Fungus and Mini Me.

Wood Fungus or more particularly - Wood Fungi.

and Wood Fungus.

Some of you will know this one, already outed at the Powerhouse Museum early last year.

The pattern finally available to those who asked and asked.... not much longer....