Leading Fashion

Moi, One, with matching scarf and tea cosy.

De rigeur in all the posh homes and tea houses this year.


Sweet Seahorse said…
Love it! I also love that it must be cold enough in Qld for scarves!!! And what a pretty cup. I think I had better go and put the kettle on.
xXx Helen
Notjustnat said…
Wow, what an image of you! I want to learn how to double knit please teach me? Love Nat
Alex Daw said…
Luvski - I must commend you on popping on a scarf in this heat - I think we're up to 38 degrees now here being close to Ipswich as we are. I daresay it is a teensy bit cooler up there. Love love love that cup and saucer.
Bonnie said…
I very much like that the colors in your teacup echo the colors in your cozy and scarf! Nice work.
Excellent! (woolmaniac, ravelry)
Ginga Squid said…
Ooooooh you are so matching and colourful! Nice cuppa too.
decorartuk said…
You should stop showing this scarf - I'm jealous!!! :) I think it's the most beautiful scarf I've ever seen.
pinkviolets said…
How gorgeous you look !!!!!!!!
Yarny Days said…
How fashionable. This is a great picture!
SallyAnne said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
SallyAnne said…
just found your blog via pinterest, love your cosies, fun designs, great colourwork too! Love the photos of your beautiful Burmese too! I too love knitting and have a Burmese! A little girl called Molly, like your boy she LOVES to help me knit! Aversion therapy hasn't helped her either!! Maybe it's the breed??!
Hi SallyAnne
Hope you come back here to see this.
Thank you for following here. Lovely jubely. AND I look at your profile to see your gorgeous Molly. Little girl cats are so much more... pretty.

The best
grrl + dog said…
I can see socks coming as well..
Chrisy said…
matching undies???
"ALSIVA" said…
very nice your works, please visit my blog, by rossella
Anonymous said…
What pattern is your scarf?
Ingrid said…
do you have your pattern for that FABULOUS scarf somewhere I can purchase it? Pretty please?

Hello Ingrid
YES you can download the pattern for free from here


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