More Tea Cosy Numbers

74 - the number of sleeps until the release of "How Tea Cosies Changed the World"

4 - the number of tea cosies on sneak preview here on the back cover of  "How Tea Cosies Changed the World".

3 - a wishful number counting the weeks till One gets One's only advance copy flying in from China while all the bookstore copies come in that infamous 'slow boat'.


lilly piri said…
Hi Loani, happy new year to you, "The Bloke" and Wes :) Love your new tea cosies, and congratulations on yet another book! It seems like only yesterday that grandma wrote to me about how you were publishing a book on tea cosies! Here's to your continued world tea cosy domination!
Alex Daw said…
a veritable cornucopia of tea cosies :)
Steph Burton said…
This book looks really exciting Loani. Love the colour. Love your continuing creativity journey. I can't wait to purchase my very own copy!

New Year Wonderment and Happiness to you too!
Hahnsmum. said…
l cant wait either..And l have my friend Joy at Nundle hooked , ( no thatrs not an intended poun ) on yr books.. AND teacosies.. Best Wishes Lovely Lady.,.
Hahnsmum. said…
GEEZ l tell ya what!! l am tired from travelling, & just plain USELESS at typing.. MEANT to say, - THATS NOT AN INTENDED PUN... Sorry..
tea cozy said…
Wow - what a deal!!! Nice find.

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