Tea Cosies has landed.

ONE - the number of advanced copies a published knitter gets.

SEVEN - the number of weeks the slow boat from China takes to get all the other books here.

TWENTY TWO - the date in March the book will be launched at Avid Reader, West End, Brisbane.

THREE - the number of books in One's stash.

LARGE - the circumference of One's head today.

ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY - the page on which to Go Feral.

Thank you thank you thank you to the Murdoch Mob ...

Diana the Publisher
Georgina the Technical Editor
Jared the Photographer
Emma the Stylist
Sophia the Managing Editor
Deb the Design Director
Emma the Designer

What a beautiful job you did.


StephB said…
Thrilled for you and looking forward to that slow boat from China so that I can buy my very own copy. Congratulations you World Tea Cosy Takeover crazy lady.
jwami said…
It appears that each book is thicker than the last. Taking over the world indeed! I can't think of anything better.
Felicitations Madame la Reine du Cache-théière !!
Jacqui said…
Congratulations!! Can't wait to see Book Three. Deserving of a large head at this point in time I think! xxoo So when does it launch in Sydney???
Monika said…
How exciting! It's getting closer! Hope the ship the books are on, has a competent captain!
Holly said…
Congratulations!!! TWO are the number of books I have. ??When will the slow boat be arriving in the States?? >j<
Carolina said…
Thrilling! I can't wait to see it. (Although I think I will have to wait until we get back to the States in May; not the sort of book our local book store carries in Costa Rica.) I LOVE the title!
Hahnsmum. said…
OMG, l just CANNOT wait to get my hands on the latest.. Well done ..
Have all this BIG HUGE pile of yummy wool waiting waiting waiting to make some more cosies...
Best Wishes, Hahnsmum.. AKA Pam..
NessaKnits said…
So when are you coming to the Southern Tablelands? Love the book!
Kristina said…
Finally! 3 books? Hey, you are amazing. Congratulations! Judging from that one photo, if the other tea cosies are as fantastic, the knitting ladies will buy your books screaming!!!! Yayyyy!!!
Bonnie said…
Whoo hoo!! Congratulations!
Ade Susanty said…
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Lets keep writing and share to us and other.

Nb: Dont forget to leave your comment back for us.
Yarny Days said…
Oooh. Congratulations!!!
Anonymous said…
L the F.
Clever, talented girl.
What's next?
Linda said…
Wow! Just discovered you from England! Love the tea cosy book and am hunting down how I can get it here in the UK now... also would love to include you on our blog http://www.vintagedorset.co.uk/ > can we use some of your pictures??? Love it! From Linda
Notjustnat said…
Congratulations of the advanced copies of the book. I can't wait to get my copy - Hugs Nat
Do you think it will be available in the USA? Looks fab. Congrats. Kristin

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