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Deconstructing the Reconstruction of a Tea Cosy

Spotted Gourd is allowed out for a little preview - soon to take the limelight in....

"How Tea Cosies Changed the World"

He is made of two berets shapes, each one knitted from the crown out and down and then in and in some more and in some more again and then out a little bit, finished with a rolled lip, turned upside down and folded in on itself to make a double thickness half.  The two halves are then stitched together along the crowns, now the base.  The rest is all smoke and mirrors and you'll have to BUY THE BOOK to find out all the numbers and tricks that make him sit up so grand.

One thinks this might be a first in tea cosy construction.  But then One could be wrong.

Here he is again, the same but different.

A tea cosy and pot stand all in one.

Blimey One is clever.

Mini tea cosies, for Mini Pots

Wood Fungus Mini Me - How Tea Cosies Changed the World

Garden Party Mini Me - Really Wild Tea Cosies

Carmen Miranda Mini Me - Wild Tea Cosies

Doonan Debutants

No, not a tea cosy.  Well spotted.

C'est un Sac-cadeauBelle Petite - a pretty little gift bag - for gifts, of course.

Adorable Alex made this one.

Alex will present her childhood friend with tickets to the opera - a 50th birthday pressie - in this pretty little knitted gift bag.

Noice.  Real noice.

Doonan Debutants Just 6 women came to my home in the Noosa hinterland yesterday to learn...

1.  Long tail cast on
2.  Double Knitting - the basics
3.  Knitting in the round with the Magic Loop
4.  Making lace holes
5.  Weaving into knitted fabric
6.  i-cord
7.  The tricks of Rose construction

Introducing Gorgeous Gail, Kharismatic Krystle and the Lovely Lisbet

Introducing Adorable Alex, Bubbly Beverly and Bella Bronwyn.
They also learned...

1.  Talking AND knitting is OK
2.  Breaking for Lemon Meringue Pie is OK too.
3.  There is no rest for the wicked
4.  Knitters are wicked

Thanks girls for joining me to knit and talk and eat and play in the first Doonan workshop.  'Twas a real beaut day.  The firs…