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News Flash

One has learned how to properly create short URLs to Free Tea Cosies
and to..


That is Bloody Embarrassing Bugger Ups to you.

One hates that word "Errata".  Now see!  Why on earth would One give it a capital "E". 

Why wouldn't One just say "Mistakes" or "Bugger Ups.

One is not one to say "Passed Away"  or "Passed Over".  One has always said "Died".  As in "Wes died today".

No no.  Wes did NOT die today, but if Wes were to meet his end, go off to the big cat tea party in the sky, kark it. One would simply say "Wes died today". 

Wes is alive and well and guarding the Lady of Clay in Green Spotted Bikini.

So One is saying there are mistakes in the new book.
and the old book
and the older book.

and One is on bended knee in apologeticnessessing and hoping YOU will forgive One and .....

You will find the CORRECTIONS at

Errata on the website.

FIVE sleeps

One is feeling a little Devilish with just FIVE (5) f-i-v-e- sleeps to go until the launch of .....

How Tea Cosies Changed the World
One made an extra pair of horns to wear on Wednesdays, Wash days and for Wacumming!

One will not be wearing it to the launch.  One has a special knitted collar for that occasion. 

Brisbane Launch
6.00 for a 6.30 pm start.

Avid Reader
Boundary Street
West End
Phone:  3846 3422
Bookings Essential

One will tell a story or two.
One will show and tell.
One will ask you to show and tell yours.

Bring your tea cosy.

See all the funny people with their beautiful tea cosies on the poster?


See all the beautiful people with their funny tea cosies.

One may even do the knit rap as the knit rap has not yet been performed at Avid.