May Madness - Book TOUR

One is planning a little lie down after May.

But DURING May One is planning on meeting as many Tea Cosy Guardians and Would Be Tea Cosy Guardians as One possibly can.


Pick your event from HERE

Book it in


Bring your mum, your daughter, your grand mother, your aunt, your best friend.  Bring whoever you like.

We are gunna kick up our heals, get down, get up again, roll over, go to sleep. 

Oh that's right.  That's not till June.  Not June?  September?  One can't sleep until September?!

Yes yes.  It IS a hand bag.  There is a hand bag in the new tea cosy book.



faith76 said…
Loving that bag!
Anonymous said…
That is a great bag....reminiscent of a Tea Cozy...wonder why! I want to make one!
lynne h said…
soon you will be the tea cozy *and* handbag queen of the world. and then who knows...

Pearly Queen said…
Ooooh... hope to see you in Nantes!
jwami said…
Expert knitter, you are. That bag is fabulous.
Yesterday I took up an invitation to visit a succulent fanatic (as in fanatic grower of succulent plants) in neighbouring Simonstown, which is our naval headquarters here in South Africa. And in her home was a tea cosy that someone had made and given her as a gift, unmistakably inspired by toi!
grrl + dog said…
I lOVE those shapes of handbag. Very 50's, and up dated, just like all your stuff. yum yum yum
Hahnsmum. said…
Love the shape Lady... Best Wishes.. Hahnsmum..
Hahnsmum. said…
Geezzzz .... MEANT to say- LOVE the SHAPE OF THE BAG... Blimey, me getting worse..
RumirĂ¹ said…
Too bad I am not behind the corner to attend an event.... :(
But I see you'll be in France. When are you visiting Italy too?
Anyway compliments for the bag. And you know what? I sold all my tea cosies at once lately (see my post), plus I had an extra order for the pumpkin tea cosy! I am pretty happy about it ;)
Thanks again for the inspiration.
That bag is so cute!

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