the Official Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosy

One has been invited by those at the Cancer Council to take part in their annual Biggest Morning Tea.

One has created

The Official
Biggest Morning Tea Daffodil Cosy

It is important to be official, every now and then.  Not too often.  But definitely on this auspicious occasion.

Join in the Biggest Morning Tea fun and games and at the same time raise a few much needed pennies for research, prevention and support.

Or just make "Daffy" because she is so, so, well, she is so damn sunny!


Wes loves Daffy too.

OK.  So do I.

Love Daffy


Enjoy being official
Or is that officious.
Or offal.

Moi (still practicing my French)


chmurka said…
this is fabulous :)
Strickbombe said…
tres officielle!
Kate said…
One needs officialdom every now and then. Daffy is tres fabuloso.
Leah said…
Véro said…
J'ai pu visiter le stand de Loani hier à Nantes en France, lors du salon "Pour l'Amour du fil". Belle surprise que de découvrir toutes ses théières habillées de couleurs. J'aime beaucoup ce délire.
Bravo à Loani
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