Sydney, Exeter and Mittagong this week.

The Bloke's mum gave him this tea cosy when he left home 45 years ago.

He has never been washed.  He's been burnt on the stove and some woman or other tried to strangle him with red wool.  The Koala that is.

The tea cosy is one of the very few things The Bloke has belonging to his mum, now long gone to the great tea party in the sky, his mum that is.

The Bloke often says things his mum used to say like...

Hands up who wants a cuppa tea hands down too late

What's for dinner tonight bread and duck under the table
and then he says...
my mum used to say that.

Come to Mittagong in the Southern Highlands of NSW this Thursday.  It is very close to Sydney.

Bring your tea cosy and tell your story.

Book (essential) in your portrait sitting at the 
Sturt Gallery 
Thursday 24th May
from 2.00 pm 
Ph:  Mark Viner  (02) 4860 2080

What is is all about?  One hears you ask.

Fiona and Heidi - Brisbane

come and meet Woody (et MOI) at 
3 book events.
Or at 1 book event.

at Avalon, Hornsby and Exeter
CLICK HERE for dates etc.


Baa-Me Kniits said…
Do you have dates for Townville yet Loani? I just booked my trip to visit parents in Sydney and now I bet it is when you are coming to Townsville.....
Janis said…
Hi Loani, love the new book, received same 4 mothers all the stories, oh and the cosies...heh...
Tell me how do you get into the pointy end of a plane banishing a teacosy!!!!
cheers Janis x

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