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Not sure what One was thinking when agreeing to THIS for the Slow Magazine.

Out now.

The Bloke gets an outing too in Slow.

With the Koala tea cosy his mother gave him when he left home 40 years ago.

Never washed.  Burnt on the stove.  The tea cosy that is.  Not the Bloke.  He's burnt stuff ON the stove. A Koala cosy for one.  But The Bloke wasn't burnt on the stove.

One's hard working tea cosies were doing their thing at the Sydney Craft and Quilt Fair last week.

Huuuuge, it was.  Huge.  And fun.  And funny.

Well these two thought it was funny. Particularly the princesses.  They thought the princesses were funny.  And the princesses ARE funny.

Gees it was noice to be away.

Gees it is noice to be home.


Monika said…
It's good to see you again - amidst so much lovely wool!
Sue Brown said…
Love the cat shaped cushion. I think the photo for the magazine is wonderful, relaxed, carefree knitting and shrugs off the WI feel.
Monika! Are you there? I do hope so. Can you please send me an email at loani at me dot com

I lost yours in the Great Harddrive Crash of 2012!
Notjustnat said…
It seemed like it was a big success Queen! You need that well deserved rest...
Alex Daw said…
Sooo jealous of that quality cat time and looking forward to my bit soon.....
Lindaba said…
Thank you so much for being at the fair this year! Meeting you and visiting your stand was the highlight of our fair experience! I felt a bit stalkerish stopping by over and over again but I just loved pretty, colourful and funny tea cosies. It was also lovely to share you (if I may be so bold) with my mum. She thought you were fab too! I have just cast on 'Gone Potty'. Yay!
Anonymous said…
nice posting.. thanks for sharing.
Hello Lindaba
Thank YOU for your lovely comment here about the fair. I had the best time. How could I not, surrounded by so much tea cosy love and laughter. It was memorable on many counts, not least of which - meeting all the mother's and daughters out for the day together. I hope you see this here. The very best.

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