Jacqui's Double Knit Strata Scarf

Some months ago One posted about a scarf - a scarf with possibly ill chosen colours - colours that reminded One of school days.

But a friend of One spotted the scarf and put dibs on it insisting she loved red and grey together.

One did not respond to said friend with any hint that she might indeed now be thought of with every stitch henceforth. 

It is time for the big reveal...

Jacqui's Double Knit Strata Scarf

Pre-Jacquazoic Period
A time before Jacqui when tea and hearts ruled the world.

Jacquambrian Period
When a chook lover put dibs on a scarf and confused a knitter

Jacquastrophic Event
When grey wool became extinct

Jacquasic Period
When sheep seemed easier than fowl.

(Sheep design by Kate Davies)

MesaJacquic Period
And tea seemed a good option still

HoloJacuacenic Period
A time for clever chooks and headless chooks and old chooks and prized chooks! – Like YOU my dear Jacqui.

It has been a sweet thing to play with over the last weeks oh happy scarf Jacqui.

(Teapots, Hearts and a Rooster designed by One.   'Tis a double knit scarf knitted with 5ply wool on 4mm needles.)


oh how I yearn to double knit so wittily and with such apparent ease - and one day, with much help, I will!
Alex Daw said…
Pure genius...as always...
sister outlaws said…
Man you are good! This blows my mind!
Baa-Me Kniits said…
Awesome! I think one day I need to do one with space invaders on it :-)
Jacqui said…
ah you beat me to it! But I doubt I could do as much justice to your beautiful work! Thank you very muchly my lovely friend. I'm so glad we bonded over badness all that time ago! I feel very spoiled! Here's to love, tea, chooks, knitting, blogs and friendship!
Jacqui said…
And that's four sentences all ending in '!' so you know how excited I am.
pigsmightfly said…
When One is good One is very very good :o)
Chez said…
This is possibly the nicest scarf I have seen. I love it colours and all!!
Hahnsmum. said…
That scarf is very pretty... l do so like the colours.. Wish l could knit at mo..My left hand has carked.(carpal-op pending)... So am still crocheting with the right hand but NOT gorgeous scarves.. Well done Lady..

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