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Important purchases...

Mother made her purchases very purposefully.  The four beautiful cane chairs was one.

The Bernina electric sewing machine was another.

One remembers the day it arrived.  One was nine.  The machine is 45 years old.  It still starts first time and purrs out an even stitch with excellent tension.

Yesterday The Fair Isle Vest came off the needles.

See how it is knitted in the round.
See how there are no arm holes.
See how the neck hole is tiny.

It needs STEEKING.

That would be SEWING - preferably on a sewing machine.



Now it might seem that because One has three published tea cosy books that designing a Fair Isle Vest would be a sinch for One.

Tea cosy design is EASY by comparison.  Oh yes it is.

One followed the fair isle patterns from graphs found in books....


But One measured and counted and finally found a purpose for all those nasty high school years filled with ALGEBRA.

Not that One remembered HOW to do algebra but One did have a light bul…


Drinking Mantra

Waaaaatch the drinking.
Waaaaatch the drinking.
Waaaaatch the drinking.

Knitting Mantra

Swaaaatch the knitting
Swaaaatch the knitting
Swaaaatch the knitting

The wisdom of One's years on the planet were lost on One this week - on both counts.

Thank goodness for the elasticity of One's Bounce-back.

Wool, Wes and Wallabies

Zeez eez wot One eeez knitting in between tea cosies.

Zeez eeez wot One shows when One cannot show tea cosies.

'Tis a Vest of Many Colours.  Perhaps TOO many colours.  One might need sunglasses to wear it.

And while Wes the Cat sleeps in the morning sun....

... Wallabies wander west of winter.
(warble warble)

The Bloke's citrus orchard needs be fenced against the munch-inations of this fine fellow, usually only evidenced by the denuded leaves of favourite bushes and pellets of poo left like pressies on dusty rocks.