Important purchases...

Mother made her purchases very purposefully.  The four beautiful cane chairs was one.

The Bernina electric sewing machine was another.

One remembers the day it arrived.  One was nine.  The machine is 45 years old.  It still starts first time and purrs out an even stitch with excellent tension.

Yesterday The Fair Isle Vest came off the needles.

See how it is knitted in the round.
See how there are no arm holes.
See how the neck hole is tiny.

It needs STEEKING.

That would be SEWING - preferably on a sewing machine.



Now it might seem that because One has three published tea cosy books that designing a Fair Isle Vest would be a sinch for One.

Tea cosy design is EASY by comparison.  Oh yes it is.

One followed the fair isle patterns from graphs found in books....


But One measured and counted and finally found a purpose for all those nasty high school years filled with ALGEBRA.

Not that One remembered HOW to do algebra but One did have a light bulb moment as to WHY One should have remembered algebra.

But One got there with a little help from The Bloke whose algebra has stuck.  Ta Jules.  You're a keeper.


Jules is INDEED a keeper! Now the 'horror' has been explained I can feel a leeetle less stressed, but only a leeeeeetle. Talk about STRESS, the Vet(he's reading quietly and doing the maths)and I (I'm freaking and saying I hate learning new things so much!) are ramping up my new baby kiln for the very first time. 'We' know all about stress and doing the maths. We feel your pain.
Knit 'n' Stitch said…
PHEWWWw!!!!! Divine vest. Certainly a knit construction technique I've not come across before.
lynne h said…
wow, my dear Queen, this vest is gorgeous!! but lordy, lordy - creating it! xoxo
such sang froid - a very regal quality!
Shell Sherree said…
We have similar recollections of the Bernina arrivals, Loani. {And algebra!} So momentous ~ and oh, the amazing things my mum has created over the time. {I'm glad the bloke is a keeper.}
Marleen said…
Hi Loani,
found you on youre blog. I did this with a Norwegian sweater. The knitting of a sweater is so much easier when you can knit arround and arround. It looks good. I'm going to put you in my blog list.Love to follow you, also in blogland.
regards Marleen
Nat Palaskas said…
Oh dear one, its gorgeous gorgeous. I love it, but I will not make one coz I can't! Hugs Nat
Joie Symes said…
Have in the past experimented with the in the round, but stopped at the armholes, where a dividing & knitting in sections with decreasin worked! Have a book somewhere that has basic knitting patterns, that I'd marry fairilse / aran patterns into. Your Fairilse pattern is sooo pretty! This is a 1st for me not seen this manner of hole creation! Very creative! :)
Chez said…
My sewing machine is about 30 years old and is also still a great machine. Everytime I try to trade it in the machine mechanic tells me to hang onto the old one because 'they don't make em' like that anymore'.
Anny said…
I am knitting a scarf in Fair Isle technic for the first time... and I feel scared if I think I have to cut it in two...I love the pattern of your work
dragonfairy said…
This is such a good way of doing complicated fair isle or arran knits as you dont have to do any shaping and worry about getting the pattern straight. I have been doing 'cut&sew' necks for years on my knitting machine.
Hi Dragonfairy.

I have shaped the armholes and the neck hole oh yes I have. Lots of algebra maths in shaping.

So it is patterned and shaped and fair isled and ...

Perhaps there is an easier way. But no, I shaped.
Loani Pleased With Myself Prior

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