Wool, Wes and Wallabies

Zeez eez wot One eeez knitting in between tea cosies.

Zeez eeez wot One shows when One cannot show tea cosies.

'Tis a Vest of Many Colours.  Perhaps TOO many colours.  One might need sunglasses to wear it.

And while Wes the Cat sleeps in the morning sun....

... Wallabies wander west of winter.
(warble warble)

The Bloke's citrus orchard needs be fenced against the munch-inations of this fine fellow, usually only evidenced by the denuded leaves of favourite bushes and pellets of poo left like pressies on dusty rocks.


sister outlaws said…
Can there be too many colours? Not when they are chosen and patterned like this!
Nat Palaskas said…
I love this sampler. What is it going to be? New book project maybe?
Line Katrin said…
Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. I so much appreciate it:) And so I ended up here, while drinking my morning tea. Wow, your work is so creative and colorful. Makes me want to drink more tea. And it so nice to see that you are from Australia. I traveled around there many years ago and it was such a good time. So I put up a big smile when I saw this wallabie. Have a nice creative week!

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