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In tact

Due to very bad behaviour on New Year's Eve in 1978 and ALSO in 1979.....

...One has gone to (One's own) bed - sober - well before midnight on the 31st December every year since. But not before watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Happy New Year.  See you safe and sound and with decorum in tact in the morning.

Things One Learnt this Christmas

And it ain't even Christmas yet.One ought to check the age of the glucose syrup for fungus before One starts cookingPlastic spatulas melt in boiling toffeeIf the recipe says 'baking tray', One ought to use a baking tray and not a square cake tin Third time really is lucky Things One still has to find out
If thick praline can be sharded as well as thin praline.  Things One knows for sure.
The sponge cake for the trifle is DELICIOUS (if a little blurry) (No One has not yet begun tippling, yet.)

Eat.  Drink.  Be merry.  Stay safe and don't forget the Queens Speech.

WIld Man Braves Stick Insect in Noosa

Ctenomorpha chronus.  The stick insect that is.  On our verandah yesterday.  With the Wildus Blokeyai.

Back to Basics

One is loike a pig in the proverbial at the moment...


making making making

dreaming dreaming dreaming

One cannot show you the knitted contraption that will make this tea cosy WILD, so One made a large pompom for a little showing off.
Noice all on its own.