In tact

Due to very bad behaviour on New Year's Eve in 1978 and ALSO in 1979.....

...One has gone to (One's own) bed - sober - well before midnight on the 31st December every year since. But not before watching the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.

Happy New Year.  See you safe and sound and with decorum in tact in the morning.


creations.1 said…
probably many of us learnt that lesson back in 79/78!!1lol Now i find i am too tired to stay up - probably because it is just myself and my husband. Maybe at a party I could make it past midnight - food for thought!
Justjen said…
Have a great new year in 2013 Loani. I was in year 12 in 1979 and my heart still wants to party every New Year's Eve, but the body doesn't - I know how you feel.
Strickbombe said…
intriguing... what behavior would be unbecoming of a tea cosy queen, i wonder?

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